Say it Isn’t Snow: Another Major Storm is Headed Our Way

By the Wednesday morning commute, Detroit area commuters could be driving through a mess and school closings – yes, more of them – are a possibility.

It could look like this by Wednesday morning as another major winter storm appears headed for southeast Michigan. (Patch file photo)
It could look like this by Wednesday morning as another major winter storm appears headed for southeast Michigan. (Patch file photo)

Stomp. Groan. Do whatever you have to do to reconcile Monday’s spring-like 50-degree temperatures with what’s headed southeast Michigan’s way.

Say it isn’t snow. Say it all you want. But it probably won’t help, says meteorologist Paul Gross, meteoroligt for WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit.

Gross is forecasting a major winter storm will hit the Detroit area Tuesday evening, starting as showers early in the evening and then turning into wet snow as colder air works its way in. Gross doesn’t expect much accumulation Tuesday night, but by commute time on Wednesday morning, it will likely be snowing heavily, with the potential for some thundersnow.

By the time the snow tapers off Wednesday afternoon, the metro area may see between 4-6 inches of dense, heavy snow.

The metro record for March 12 is 2.4 inches.

“i think that record is in serious jeopardy,” Gross says.

And as for those 50-degree temperatures that are helping to make the Polar Vortex temperatures of this exceedingly harsh winter a distant memory?

Buh-bye – for now.Thursday is likely to start out around the zero level, Gross says, and another record – 5 degrees for that day – may fall.

Don’t blame the messenger. WXYZ, the ABC affiliate, offers a similar forecast.

Ditto, says WJBK, Fox Detroit.

Yep, agrees CBSLocal.
Jack Manning March 11, 2014 at 09:28 AM
Have a question? You will note that huge mountain of snow piled-up on the vacant land at Main & I-696. Mighty impressive! But where is RO going to put all that snow in the future after that property is developed? It sure is a convenient dumping location to keep RO streets open, and it is easy access from Main Street and Washington. I'm sure City Council has planned for an alternative otherwise they would not have sacrificed this land for more revenue.


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