Split Church Congregations to Celebrate Unity Prayer Together

Locally-based, partnering Lutheran and Episcopal congregations welcome those of all faiths in service this week.

While already dedicated to inter-denominational work in the local Christian community, two local church congregations will celebrate the National Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this weekend.

Everyone is welcome to the special service, with the Advent Episcopal Church and the Sylvan Lake Lutheran Church, writes Lutheran Church Pastor Mary Duerksen on Patch. 

The annual tradition, which has typically been celebrated in mid-January since it began in 1908, is open to people of all faiths or no particular faith, "in order to demonstrate how God's people can come together and pray," Duerksen writes.

The special service takes place on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 10 a.m.

Advent's previous home, where its congregation had been based for over 50 years, was at 3325 Middlebelt Rd. Episcopal Church Pastor Manisha Dostert told Patch that a Ponzi scheme was discovered after the 2004 building renovation project, leaving the congregation with major debt from loans and bonds.

However, the move was embraced by the two congregations. The partnered groups collaborate on various self-improvement courses and fundraisers, while some go to both Sunday services.

The service of the Lutheran Church regularly begins at 9 a.m., while Advent begins at 11 a.m.

The Lutheran Church also has a sister church in Waterford's Lutheran Church of the Ascension.

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