What is Your State of the Union Message? Here's Mine

The President is giving the State of the Union message. If you were the speechwriter, what you hand him to say? Here is what I think he should say.

The Speech he SHOULD give...

Twelve years after we began our war against those who so brutally attacked our country on 9/11. I am here to specifically say to you that our armed services have done your job and you have done your job well. The State of our Union is currently framed fighting two ground wars and restructuring our financial system.

As the Commander and Chief I am expected to lead and a leader must make decisions that will take into account all available knowledge and rationality.

As your Commander-in-Chief I am announcing the immediate withdrawal of all troops from the Mid-east Theater of operations effective immediately.  We urge our allies to do the same.

After careful analysis and intensive debate from within and without my administration the decision as to how to proceed in this war is on my shoulders.  I take that responsibility and now I give you my rationales and how we will deal with these countries and these threats in the future.

A country must determine with careful consideration what its primary and secondary interests are. Failure to determine these priorities leads to poor allocation of important national assets and most importantly how and when to enter into war and when it is necessary to put in harm’s way those men and women of our armed services who are obligated to enforce all lawful and just actions of our country.

We entered Iraq under a stated analysis from the Executive Branch of our government that was based upon totally false and misleading information.  It was a mistake to have attacked Iraq and it is a mistake to stay there.  Iraq has duplicity in this regard; they could have at any time opened up their country to total inspection and disproved these false allegations.  They did not and share in
the responsibility of the aftermath.  We offer no apology but we will now correct that mistake and leave.

The stated rationale for our incursion into Afghanistan was to attack the bases from which we were attacked on 9/11 and to arrest those responsible.  I have determined that “nation-building” by the United States in Afghanistan is not in our primary interest and therefore order all our military to exit that theater as soon as
possible in a manner that will protect our troops.

One of the primary strengths of our country is our ability defend ourselves.  That takes money and capital.  To squander that asset in wars that are not in our primary interest is to damage our national security, not improve it, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done exactly that over the past eight years.  I am going to immediately end the squander of $100 billion/year in this region.  Additionally, effective immediately, the United States will end its foreign aid commitments to both Israel and Egypt by 50% over the next three years and to zero after that period.  We are ending our troop involvement in South Korea, Okinawa and Germany.

In regard to war and our ability to wage it we have two primary advantages:  1.  Our technology and,  2.  Our asset base of capital and highly educated people.

In future conflicts we will use those assets to promote our primary interests.  We warn any country that attempts to attack our primary interests that they will be met, not with troops on the ground as they would like, but with a technology that will give them great pause and with collateral damage that will be on the shoulders of those who do not now heed my warning.  I warn in no uncertain terms that those who use this reduction in troop exposure will not mean that they are immune to the sting of the United States.  I am certain that we will be tested in this regard and we are ready for that test.

Additionally, I am removing all U.S. troops from Europe, Okinawa and South Korea.

These measures will attempt to bring our fiscal house in order.  Finally, in regard to heath care, I am urging the Congress to continue to advance the taxing of those with high incomes but at the same time to impose a 3% Federal Health Sales Tax on all purchases up to $1,000 so that every legal person in our country is afforded adequate health care and has an awareness of its costs.  If we are successful in squeezing out efficiencies and these taxes are not needed then I am sure Congress will find a way to reduce or eliminate them.  But the time of the great “handout” is over.  We are going to run a balanced budget. We are gong to pay for things we want up-front, as we go.  Our kids and grandkids will not carry our wasteful burden. We are going to put the Social Security system in the black and we are going to eliminate all Federal debt.

In regard to immigration I am going to urge only if the Federal Health Tax is approved a complete end to immigration into the United States for a period of 50 years and that those attempting to enter the country illegally may be dealt with by deadly force at our borders.

In so doing, our defense capability will be the strongest in the world, the most flexible and if needed, the most feared and respected.

I anticipate that the county will intensely debate these new proclamations that I have made here today.  Many will disagree.  It is the way.  But I am the leader of this country; I was elected to guide us for these four years or perhaps longer and
the people have a right to see their leader use circumspection and rationality.  I do this because I think it is right.

Axxel Knutson

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Lee Jacobsen February 18, 2013 at 06:12 AM
Jordan, the answer as to whether legislators must abide by Obamacare is no for now, but yes in 2014 according to this Forbes articlehttp://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2011/12/08/congress-exempted-from-obamacare/ According to Obamacare, the legislators must buy from the exchanges just like all of us. Of course, they can afford the better plans from the exchanges , but , if the law is actually followed, then we should all have equal access. In other areas of govt, this is not true. Politicians always have themselves covered. Details are here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_the_United_States We are writing 3000 pages of new laws per day. The income tax law that we all must follow when filing our 1040 returns totals over 3 million words , longer than the bible. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/01/09/u-s-tax-code-longer-than-the-bible-without-good-news/ Time to simplfy the govt and get rid of red tape. Start with a budget and less spending.
Jordan Genso February 18, 2013 at 04:35 PM
So just as I don't have to purchase health insurance until 2014, members of Congress also don't *have* to purchase insurance until 2014. In 2014, they will be able to afford better health insurance than me, but there are many non-members of Congress in the country who could afford that same health insurance. I was not going to dispute that members of Congress may have exempted themselves from some laws, but this whole "Congressmen don't have to follow Obamacare" lie has been used as an attack on Obamacare, not Congress. And that is the lie I was hoping to get clarification about. Thank you for responding.
AXXEL KNUTSON February 19, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Troy? No one cares about Troy.
laplateau February 27, 2013 at 06:08 PM
I understand that a law was eneacted quite a few years ago that prevented any new billborads from being installed closer than 1000 feet from any highway. Others that were there before the law was enacted were grandfathered in until they were taken down. I haven't heard anything different about billborads since then.
laplateau February 27, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Last night, Fox News had a report of a town in Mass. that were enacting a law to take their existing wind mills down. Apparently many of the residents were complaining of the ill effects they were experiencing with dizzienss, headaches, sleep deprivation, etc. Please listen for yourselves. http://video.foxnews.com/v/2189054120001/


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