5 Questions: Casa de Decor's Linda Jeberaeel

West Bloomfield mother opens storefront for successful interior decorating business.

Linda Jeberaeel sees her small business as an extension of her own home and she loves to play host. The West Bloomfield mother of three has worked from home for the past six years, selling interior decorations online, to a wide range of clientele. This week, Jeberaeel opens her first storefront, in the Robin's Nest shopping plaza, which she hopes will offer shoppers a sense of comfort and fun.

Jeberaeel answers questions through email this week about Casa de Decor, which can be found online at casadedecor.net.

Can you tell me a little bit about who you are and where you're from?

I live and own a shop in West Bloomfield. I am a mother of three and have always worked, between owning my own businesses to raising my kids, and now opening up a storefront for my interior consulting space that I have done out of my home for the past six years.

You have been doing this for a while now. What allows someone in your position to be successful — is it a matter of taste, a matter of personal connections with your clients, a good relationship with your suppliers?

I am a people-person as well as creative person so what I do for a living has come easy to me. I brainstorm with clients to see what they want in a home, and I creatively come up with ways to tie everything together. From these ideas and plans, I arrange and put together a space that the client has always wanted. I believe being the truth to being successful is honesty and creativity. I truly love what I do.

You have to connect with your client to have the most success, and I believe that I do that. I will sit down with you and chat over a cup of coffee to see your personality and to pull out ideas that will best suit you and your lifestyle. I help people by connecting with them. 

After six years successfully in business, why open a storefront? What do you hope to be able to provide which you couldn't normally do?

I opened up the store front so that I could reach a broader clientele base. I wanted to create a space that someone feels welcome in, and feels at home. When you walk into my store you feel a sense of comfort. I believe in creating a space in which I would like to be in all the time and that others would love to visit. Because of this, it gives the client a personal and intimate way to furnish their home. We are hands-on and want to give the customer their dream space in which we have created together. 

Can you explain what it is that your company offers, exactly? 

My business offers in-store and in-home consultations. I am a liaison between my client and their ideas for their dream home. Besides just offering consultations, I have created a space in which everything within my store is for sale. You can view the pieces as creative ideas, or if you love them, you can buy them for your own home. I also offer the comfort and ease for you to sit down on a couch, enjoy a cup of coffee, and browse through furniture and accessory books and pick out what you would like. I have made a creative space for ones own ideas to come to life.

Can you explain what it is that you're selling?

I am selling furniture and accessories for your home, from everyday purposes to formal dining and entertaining. I carry lines such as Jonathan Charles, Paul Roberts, and Highland House. I also carry chandelier lines, candles, accessories such as GG Collection. I have planters for the summer time and bathroom accessories to make your house a home. I have many lines and what I truly love to do is custom make the pieces. If you are looking for a sofa in which no one else will have, you can come to my store-front and we will sit down and choose color combinations and fabric combinations that no one else will have.


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