BP Becomes Latest to Ban Sale of Spice

The national gas chain has asked local station owners to stop the sale of Spice and K2.

BP has become the latest company to ask its gas stations to stop selling Spice and K2—, and the country.

In a letter sent Tuesday, Susan Hayden of BP asked local gas station owners to stop selling Spice and other products that are usually labeled as incense to "mask their intended purpose."

"Beginning immediately, all BP-branded sites are prohibited from displaying, using, storing, offering or selling illegal drugs, or synthetic drugs produced to mimic illegal drugs, (including, but not limited to cannabinoids), or items that are intended or designed for use in ingesting, inhaling or otherwise consuming an illegal drug," Hayden wrote in the letter.

"Prohibited items will include, but not be limited to, pipes, tubes, roach clips, instructions or descriptive materials, or containers for concealing illegal drugs or paraphernalia," Hayden said.

The letter stated that the company's reason for the request had to do both with complying with federal laws, and upholding BP's company image.

Last week,

A bill has been put forward in the state Senate would prohibit the sale of “synthetic cannabinoids,” and

A boycott of all BP gas stations was , who began a local charge against Spice and K2 being sold in the city after . 

Arnold stated that if BP confirms that the request of its affiliates to stop selling the substances is nationwide, he will call off the boycott.


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