Fuel Report: Lowest West Bloomfield Gas Prices at $4.15

Finding you the best gas prices in and around West Bloomfield.

Gas prices are holding steady across Metro Detroit, though the cheapest in West Bloomfield is still well-above the regional average.

According to the AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas in Metro Detroit is $4.05 this morning, exactly the same as they were last week at this time and up five cents from where prices were a month ago.

Some of the lowest gas prices in and around southeastern Michigan can be found in Fraser where gas is $3.75 at the Speedway and Sunoco stations near Utica and 14 Mile Road.

Let us save you the drive around town. Here's what you can expect to find at the pump in and around West Bloomfield Monday:

  • BP (4093 Orchard Lake Rd.): $4.15
  • BP (7400 Farmington Rd.): $4.16
  • Shell (6495 Orchard Lake Rd.): $4.20

Don't forget: You can always check West Bloomfield gas prices and traffic conditions with our Traffic & Gas section.

Information provided by DetroitGasPrices.com and the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.


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