Trader Joe's Plans Move to Bloomfield

Although the company's corporate office could not confirm the move, customers are being told that the store will relocate to Maple and Telegraph in Bloomfield Township.

Trader Joe's customers in Farmington Hills have been told they'll soon have to travel a little farther for their favorite grocery items. 

While the company's corporate headquarters could not confirm the move, customers are being told the store is relocating to Maple and Telegraph in Bloomfield Township, sometime in December. 

Trader Joe's is located in a shopping center at the 14 Mile/Orchard Lake/Northwestern triangle; the store is near two major shopping centers, Hunters Square on the Farmington Hills side of 14 Mile and Gateway Center on the West Bloomfield Township side. A roundabout will be installed in that area within the next few years, Farmington Hills city officials say. 

Tanya Nordhaus of Farmington Hills has been shopping at Trader Joe's for about three years.

"I go to that one particularly because it's near so many other places," she said. "You can get so much done in that very small area. It's just my Trader Joe's. " 

Nordhaus said she may check out the company's Eight Mile and Haggerty location, which is closer for her than Maple and Telegraph. "I will, of course, be a Trader Joe's customer no matter what," she said. 

Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch Facebook fans had a lot to say about the store moving:

Stacey Nugent: "I don't think I'll be switching to another location... I do like my stores very close to my proximity. I didn't mind traffic getting in or getting out of the store."

Laurie Netzloff Adams: "I understand their rationale about traffic and parking, but they are honestly losing a dedicated customer base in Farmington/Farmington Hills. I don't think I will travel to Maple and Telegraph, just as I never get to 8 and Haggerty (their other location). It is so sad to see the empty storefronts in Farmington/F.H area. Wish they could occupy one of the many empty shopping centers in the area (9 and Farmington, or Grand River/Drake, etc)."

Karen Kmieciak: "I totally understand why they're moving but I'm sad it's so far that I no longer have my pilgrimage to TJ/WF (Whole Foods) in the same trip. I'll now have to put up with the insanely graded parking lot at the Haggerty location."

Heidi Cook and Peggy Kaltenbach Zinser both said they'll hit the Maple and Telegraph location during their commutes. Kelly Masters wrote that she shops the Eight Mile and Haggerty location, which she said is the only store her three-year-old daughter requests by name. 

Roxana Moin Barnett agreed. "The Haggerty and 8 mile Trader Joe's is lovely. Come on down, we're friendly."

Correction: The headlines in the initial version of this article incorrectly identified the community to which Trader Joe's is moving. 

Tammy Castiglione November 25, 2012 at 02:25 AM
I for one will miss Trader Joes being so close to my home. I cannot believe that a roundabout is the reason they are leaving this area. I hope they reconsider as I do not see myself frequenting the store as much as I do now if I have to drive out to 8 and Haggerty or Maple and Telegraph.
Robin January 01, 2013 at 05:11 PM
I cant wait for the move to Maple and Telegraph, it will be so much easier to get to because of less traffic!!


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