Zoo Offers Cool Bait to Beat the Beastly Heat (Video)

The Detroit Zoo has incentives for you to chill out with cool animals this weekend.

The wants to help you keep your cool for the next four days. With forecasts calling for lots of sun, humidity and temps in the 90s, the zoo has ways for families to chill out and save money.

Thursday through Sunday visitors will receive free admission to , the Wild Adventure Ride and the Wild Adventure 3-D/4-D Theater (regularly $4 each with Zoo admission).

Visitors can escape from the heat in the air-conditioned theater, Artic Ring of Life, Penguinarium and the the newest attraction, .

There are also water misters throughout the zoo to help visitors cool off, and selected frozen treats are just a dollar over the next four days.

Animals are cool, too

The animals will also play it cool through the heat wave with pool toys, showers, mud wallows, watermelons and special frozen snacks.

Zookeeper Rick Wendt shared this recipe for an icy polar bear treat:

Ingredients: fresh fish, apples, pineapples

Directions: Take a five-gallon bucket and fill with fish, apples and pineapples. Add water and fill to the top. Put bucket in a very large freezer and let freeze for one or two days.

Sound tasty? Talini, a 400 pound 6-year-old polar thinks so. Wendt says in hot weather the treat will last about an hour.

"It takes a lot longer for her to eat," Wendt said, "and it gives her something to do."

Talini's normal diet consists of fresh fresh, Polar Bear Chow and produce.


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