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After returning from seeing family time to review a couple of weeks activities

Left the day after the election to visit grandchildren (and their parents LOL) in California. Just back and recovered from the trip (with the layover - its shorter to fly from here to London, or at least feels that way). Came home with a cold but seeing my five grand-kids made it worthwhile. Hadn't seen the boys or my youngest granddaughter in two years - way too long. I feel like I am missing seeing them grow up.

With more and more of our children not only leaving home but moving hundreds and thousands of miles away, I know I am not alone in that feeling. Problem is many of us have good careers here or have build a good life here and following them is not a real option (neither is the claim that "no one told them to move"). We keep in touch using Skype so we at least we get to see and talk to them but still nothing like being there and cuddling with a two year old or roughhousing with a seven and five year old pair of grandsons (with your son saying, "be careful grandpa isn't that young anymore" - gee thanks for reminding me ). Watching my 13 year old granddaughter teaching my wife how to do some things on an Ipad - priceless (and my wife is very computer literate ).

So for those of you like me with children and grandchildren leaving far from you, make it a priority to be with them as often as possible, don't ever be in a position of thinking they don't know who you are.

Got home and my e-mails dropped by almost two thirds and no robocalls! Isn't the quiet fantastic? Bet the TV networks are not happy about losing all that political revenue though. Freedom of speech aside, the amount of money spent on campaigns at all levels is absolutely unfathomable. It makes elective office almost beyond the reach of a lot of good qualified people that refuse to sell their souls to PACs, SuperPACs and other special interest groups.

With regard to the election, spend election night at the MGM Grand and it was great fun for a political junkie like me. I was on the stage when Gary Peters and John Dingell spoke, which was very special, even if it took two people to help me back down the steps (their was no railing). I was pleased to see a lot of long time friends be victorious in their election efforts.

Of special note was Gary Peters - who I have known for years and work closely with as part of the American Cancer Society. Lisa Brown, who's courageous stand on free speech and women's rights earlier this year became a hallmark of the year in fighting legislative attempts to unfairly squelch opposing thoughts. And Jim Nash, who was literally gerrymandered out of a County Commissioner position but ran for a different county position and won. Sadly, we needed him on the Oakland County Commission. We will hear more from both Lisa and Jim in the future, I guarantee it!

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Joni Hubred-Golden November 16, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Dick, I know exactly what you mean by having grandchildren far away. Mine are in Maryland, and there is no substitute for actually being with them. They grow up way, way too fast.


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