The 2012 Election - A Personal View of Some Races

Some endorsements both local and judicial candidates.

On November 6th America will go to the polls and on November 7th the television networks may have to put actual shows on their stations to avoid dead air from lack of political ads. OK perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but truthfully it does seem that way. Even a political junkie such as I am will be pleased to see the end to this seemingly endless campaign.

There really are three parts to the  ballot: the partisan ballot, the non-partisan ballot and the proposals. Checking off the partisan choice alone does not cast a vote for the other two parts of the ballot. It is very important that you vote in all three sections.

Having said that, these are my endorsement/recommendations. They are made after having met the candidate and had the opportunity to not only hear her or him speak but having talked on a one to one basis with them or, in many cases having known the candidate and worked with him or her for many years.

State Supreme Court:

I can wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Bridget Mary McCormack and Connie Kelley for the two full term positions.

Bridget is a brilliant attorney, educator and a Dean of the University of Michigan Law School.  She has run a program that allows senior law school students to get practical experience (under the guidance of course of a member of the Michigan Bar) working on “real cases” in “real court rooms”. It is a program that obviously benefits law students but also benefits the clients who might not be able to have the enthusiasm and dedication of young bright legal minds to aid in their cases. There is no question in my mind that Bridget will bring a fresh outlook to the Court that has for far too long been lacking, while having a full understanding, as an educator, of how the Court should be basing its decisions, as the highest court in the state.  

Connie Kelley has a tremendous record as a sitting judge and like Bridget will bring a fresh and open minded approach to the cases coming up before the high court. I welcome the opportunity to recommend Connie Kelley to you and look forward to all that she will bring to the court, in experience and integrity. Connie and I were together at a meeting week and after the some banter about her sister, and dad (he was a  football coach in Royal Oak and pushed his kids to succeed just as he would his teams), she talked about her beliefs and  feelings not only about the Court but on what this entire election was about.  I wanted to stand up and cheer. I truly believe that we need Connie Kelley on the high court and urge you to cast your vote for Connie Kelly and Bridget Mary McCormack on the Non-Partisan part of the Ballot.

Oakland County Offices:

Andy Meisner is completing his first term as Treasurer and seeking re-election. Most people think of the Treasurer’s job as that of a tax collector, and of course that is a major responsibility but Andy has take the work of his department many steps beyond and one of his major successes is becoming a standard for Treasurers not only in Michigan but in many other states. He successfully won a law suit against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to force them to pay real estate transfer taxes just as individuals must. He has also been a leader in working to reduce foreclosures in Oakland County and work with residents mired in the foreclosure processes. This helps maintain values for property as well as helping keep a resident in his or her home.  We need
Andy to continue the job he has been doing.

Lisa Brown is running for County Clerk, currently in the State House, Lisa is particularly well known for being censored for using a perfectly acceptable medical term in a speech on the House floor.  I have known and worked with Lisa on a number of issues in the State Legislature from the ti e she was first elected. I stood with her in Lansing at a rally after she was censored for using the term “Vagina” in a debate on the rights of women to control their own body.  And I continue to stand with her as she runs for County Clerk. Her ideas and proposals would make the office more accessible to residents and  enhance its efficiency. Most people forget what the county clerk is responsible for but virtually everything the Clerk’s office is involved in can affect the day to day lives of residents – especially real estate, elections and court records.  Lisa Brown has proven her mettle and deserves the opportunity to  take on the responsibilities of Oakland County Clerk.

Jim Nash was an Oakland County Commissioner until his district was gerrymandered. Jim is running for Water Resources Commissioner, aposition most people think very little about but which has major impact on our everyday lives. Jim has throughout his political career been an environmentalist, lookin to preserve the great water resources that the county has. Many of us enjoy the resources we have and hardly ever think anything could happen to them. But they are not limitless and must be conserved.  Jim will bring a strong voice to a department that few know much about but should and at a time when it is more and more important that its leadership be vocal and consistant in pursuit of conservation of resources and protection of the environment.

Whether you agree with my recommendations or not, please remember
to vote, either on Election Day or by absentee ballot.  It is both our right and our obligation as citizens.

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cookiepro2 November 04, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Mr. Jaeger, I attended the candidate meet and greet at Oakland U recently, met some of the above candidates, read the LWV voter guide, and agree wholeheartedly with your above recommendations!
Carl C. November 06, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Thank you, sir, this was very helpful.


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