Meet the Candidates: John Reed

During the countdown to the Nov. 6 local election, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for the Board of Education in the West Bloomfield School District.

John Reed


I hold undergraduate and masters degrees in Special Education. I have completed post graduate work in administration, including coursework in employee relations and school finance, from Eastern Michigan and Oakland University, respectively.  

Professional background

During 26 years as an educator, I have held a multitude of positions spanning the continuum of K-12 education, including Special Education Teacher Consultant, Resource Teacher, Department Chair, and Union Representative. I am a nationally recognized high school track coach. I am currently responsible for all special education seniors in my school with an emphasis on post secondary transition. I have extensive experience teaching within the frameworks of federal legislation, including ADA, IDEA, LRE, NCLB, FAPE, common core standards and teacher evaluations. As a result, I have a true understanding of how these initiatives affect learning and impact student success.

How long have you lived in town and where? Do you live with family?

My wife and I have lived in the community for 37 years, and our four children have attended the West Bloomfield Schools from preschool through 12th grade. We have enjoyed participating in West Bloomfield school activities for 21 years.  

Affiliations or endorsements

As a 26 year coach, I am well recognized for my commitment to student athletes. I do have the endorsement of the West Bloomfield employees which is critical in our efforts to repair trust, retain, and attract high quality staff.  

Explain why you're running for the school board

As the candidate who has truly dedicated my life to advocating for and improving the lives of students, I seek a greater opportunity to serve the community as a member of the West Bloomfield School Board. As a parent of four children, I am grateful for the incredible opportunities and commitment the West Bloomfield Schools have provided to my children, and I have a strong desire to give back.

Many West Bloomfield community groups, parents, students, staff, and businesses have actively encouraged me to seek the position and be their voice, a voice of change. They are seeking an educationally qualified and true advocate for children. They are seeking someone who will truly practice financial responsibility and want the candidate who has the best chance to repair relationships and trust with all stakeholders.

A large support group of community members believe I am that person. As a concerned and informed citizen of West Bloomfield for 37 years, I personally believe as a school district we can do better. I am committed to supporting the West Bloomfield Schools in their efforts to educate our students to be their best in and for the world, become financially responsible and improve relationships with all stakeholders. 

Could you share key points of your platform and any changes you'd like to make to accomplish your platform?

My platform is to work diligently with the board and community to foster a positive environment of collaboration focused on putting our children first. It is important for the community to understand I am the candidate who can actually provide leadership in each of the key areas currently affecting district progress. The skills I have acquired during my years in the classroom and beyond will enable me to accomplish these goals. With skills acquired through committee work on school improvement, curriculum, NCA accreditation, closed campus, facilities improvement, athletic advisory, crisis teams, school safety, block scheduling /trimester review, special education advisory, and daily involvement focused on closing the Achievement Gap for all students, I am well prepared to meet the needs of our students.

My experiences have also prepared me to work well with the school board. I have a true understanding of SHB 1040 and retiree health care and I know how these two critical pieces of legislation will impact our district’s future fund equity balance. I am prepared to help move the district forward on the path to financial responsibility. Having personally met and had meaningful conversations with many employee groups I have already started to build the bridges which foster trust and improve relationships with all.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the district? How
would you handle them? 

The top three priorities facing the West Bloomfield School District are to continue educating our students to be their best in and for the world, becoming financially responsible, and improving relationships with all stakeholders. As the candidate with real educational experience, I will use skills I have acquired during my years in the classroom to work collaboratively with others to ensure we are meeting the individual needs of all students. I am the candidate who actually had the courage to bring community awareness to the district's lack of fund equity balance and the need to right size district facilities. I will continue to move the district forward in their efforts to become financially responsible. I will also continue my efforts as the candidate who has consistently reached out and stood with district staff in efforts to rebuild relationships and restore trust. 


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