5 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Pets (and Friends Who Love Them)

From dog booties to pet massages, don't forget your favorite four-legged friends while you're doing your holiday shopping this year.

It's the holidays and on your gift-buying list, you have family, friends, your hairdresser and your kids' teachers. But what about Fido?

Don't forget your family's favorite four-footed (or scaly or feathery) friends this holiday season. Birmingham's Teacups and Toys, Napier's Kennel Shop and the Cat Practice has these pet-friendly gift ideas for the holidays:

1. Keep their little paws toasty during your morning walks

Humans wear snow boots when it's cold outside, so why shouldn't your pup? Stop into your local pet store to pick up a few pairs of dog boots for the winter — especially helpful as the weather gets icier because of the salt on the streets and sidewalks. At www.alldogboots.com, you can find a wide array of dog boots to fit your pet's personality, whether they're the fashionable type or need some non-slip, orthopedic help.

2. Give your pets some holiday bling

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a blinged out collar for your cat or dog, right? Pick up a sparkling necklace or Coature collar for $200 at Teacups and Toys, or a Swarovski crystal collar and gemstore leather collar at Napier's Kennel Shop. Several of the decorative collars at Napiers are handmade.

3. Gifts to make your cats purr

While dogs are somewhat easier to dress up (at least in my experience), it's easy to find great holiday gifts for your feline friends as well. Addy Shattuck, owner of Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills and White Lake, shared these purrfect ideas with Birmingham's Cat Practice:

  • A six-piece Christmas cat stocking from Petstuf ($5.98). The stocking includes toys with and without catnip.
  • FroliCat Automatic Laser Light from Lucky Litter LLC ($17.98). Set the timer for 15 minutes and let your cats chase the laser light that automatically moves all over the floor.
  • Cat Dancer from USA by Cat Dancer Products ($2.98).
  • Catnip Spin from Pet Links System ($4.98). A compressed catnip ball made of 100 percent organic catnip.
  • Felidae TidNips from Canidae ($3.78). Soft chicken and rice treats with cranberries, supplemented with Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Or, if you're feeling cheap, just give your cats the leftover wrapping paper on Christmas morning. That always seems to be the most appreciated gift of all.

4. Schedule a spa day for the entire family (including the pets)

Humans like to receive massages or spa gift certificates for Christmas — and so do your pets. Birmingham's offers dog massages, focusing on techniques that keep dogs limber and healthy. Plus, for a price, Truth's massaeuse Tanya Howze will come to your house for an hour and a half human massage, then give your pooch a free 15-minute massage.

5. It can be the cat and dog equivalent of the Christmas sweater

It's the holidays, so have a little fun with your pets this winter and buy them their very own holiday-themed outfit. At Teacups and Toys, holiday outfits start at $500, but you can also find more modestly-priced outfits at websites like www.pamperdpetscatalog.com. You might want to move fast, though; several items, including this Summer Santa Coat, are already sold out in some sizes.


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