Best of Blogs: Local Voices Sound Off on Shooting

Here's another look at what some of our general-interest bloggers had to say.

Julie Abshire

Investing in Innocence

It takes a community to turn children into the leaders they grow up to be. How old do we have to be to find the imagination and enlightenment of dreams, wishes and fairytales?

Dean Massalsky

Giving up Guns

Time for me to give up guns. Time for gun law change. Time for mental health services change. Decision time.

Angela Youngblood

As we process the tragedy in Newtown and hug our own children tighter, I think we can and should have a compassionate, emotional discussion about guns and mental illness.

Hope Comerford

A Slow-Cooked Holiday!

Make your holiday gathering a little bit easier with this suggested Holiday Slow-Cooked Menu!

Ken Jackson

Mr. Moss Explains School Reform to Mr. McCready — Cyber Cranbrooks On the Way For All

Mr. Moss tells his successor, Mr. McCready, about school reform and how the Governor's plans will produce "alternative" schools like Cranbrook.


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