Should the Sale of Spice be Banned in Michigan?

A state representative is proposing that K-2—a synthetic form of marijuana known as Spice—be banned in Michigan, while the Township Board in West Bloomfield will consider a ban.

The sale of K-2——has drawn much attention throughout the state of Michigan in recent weeks.

Many parents have expressed concern about . Most notably, , 19, of Farmington Hills, is believed to have been high on synthetic marijuana in April when he attacked his family,.

Attorneys for Sandra Layne, the 74-year-old who allegedly  Jonathan Hoffman May 18, have said that Hoffman may have been under the influence when he was killed. 

On Wednesday, Michigan state in the state of Michigan.

Darany’s proposal comes after many local communities have rallied to have Spice banned.

Facebook groups have been formed in , protests have been held in , and parents have teamed up in .

Other local officials are taking notice, too.

The possession and sale of K-2 may be banned in  as early as next week. The Township Board will consider the adoption of an emergency ordinance making the possession or sale of such products a misdemeanor at next Monday's meeting, according to a release issued Thursday.

"The availability of Spice to our youth is of grave concern to our community.  High school students perceive this as a safe and legal drug since they can obtain it at a gas station. However, this is not safe and should be illegal," said Treasurer Teri Weingarden.

The proposed emergency ordinance will make the sale or possession of K-2 a misdemeanor with penalties of $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail.

“We are taking action to protect our children,” said Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy. “We have witnessed too many local tragedies involving kids using this dangerous drug. It is important that we at least make it more difficult for minors to obtain this substance while the Michigan Legislature considers a statewide ban.”

What do you think? Should Spice be banned in Michigan?

Nancy Besser June 01, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Why would this even be a question to ask? Why was this not banned immediately? We cannot even buy decongestant without showing identification because kids where abusing it but this violent , deadly drug is readily available? The process to remove this from the shelf takes time and how many more victims in the meantime?
MIchelle June 01, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Community Coalitions have been trying to communicate the dangers of this drugs for months on end. Some of our township board members are now posturing as if they are caught off guard by the recent tragedies surrounding our youth and this drug. They could have and should have created this same ordinance a while back, especially since they have been dealing with the marijuana ordinance. Where is law enforcement in all of this. Couldn't they have made a recommendation for an ordinance banning the sale of this drug in our township months agol? If all of these board members would quit fighting with one another, the interest of the township's residents could come first again. They are sleeping at the wheel.
bill bunch June 02, 2012 at 04:57 AM
but alcahol is legal? stupid. ban alcahol. kills 1000's of people and is responsible for more deaths than probly any other drug.
J McKinney June 02, 2012 at 05:02 AM
People, let's not ignore the reason that people use this stuff. It's called synthetic marijuana for a reason; if the real thing were not illegal and not hard to come by, there would be no need for dangerous substitutes like this.
angela grant June 03, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I'm watching my ex husband, a grown man, killing himself from this garbage. He has gone from being healthy and fit to barely able to stop coughing. His skin looknd terrible. He's become paranoid and aggresive. My daughter has also experimented with it and while using it was no version of herself. She was out of her mind. This substance is being marketed for kids with cartoon characters on some of the packages and names like Scooby Snacks. It's readily available in most gas stations.and party stores. This drug is going to be one of the next great health crisises for our youth. I hope that Michigan gets on the ball and issues a state wide ban before more parents have to bury their kids and more lives are ruined. It us completely unknown what the long term physical and mental health implications of this drug will leave. Though it is known to cause psychosis. In reports of people already struggling with mental peoblems, it is said that it can trigger permanent psychosis in these individuals. Just what our society needs... as if we don't have enough bad things happening that we can't control. This we can control, so please fight to do it.


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