YouTube Video of the Week: Rep. Lisa Brown Leaves Lansing Blasting House Leaders

West Bloomfield Democrat spoke out against right-to-work and anti-abortion legislation.

State Rep. Lisa Brown's latest speech against new anti-abortion legislation may not have reached national news headlines, but it will likely not be forgotten by her former colleagues in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Brown spoke out from the House floor in a video uploaded to YouTube Dec. 12 against proposed regulatory measures including requiring a health professional to screen patients to ensure they aren't being forced to end pregnancies.

Brown (D-39th District) was barred from speaking on the floor in June after she claimed an abortion bill forced contradictory religious beliefs upon her and others, referencing her own vagina at the end of her speech. 

While visibly agitated, Brown again made the controversial reference in claiming that supporters of the legislation did not consider the protests which ensued after the June incident.

"I am no longer flattered that you're interested in my vagina, I'm offended and disgusted," Brown said. "Move on, and move the state forward."

Supporters of the legislation say it will protect women from dangerous, unlicensed abortion doctors.

Brown, a Jewish mother of three, chose not to run for a third term and instead pursued a successful bid for Oakland County Clerk in the Nov. 6 election.

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