Orchard Lake-Maple Tops Local List of Accident-Heavy Intersections

According to reports, two West Bloomfield-area intersections make the top-10 list for most accidents in Oakland County.

With an average of over 50 crashes per year since 2007, the intersection of West Maple Road at Orchard Lake Road is the most dangerous for drivers in the Greater West Bloomfield area, according to crash data collected by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

While personal experience provides every motorist with his or her own list of the most dangerous intersections, SEMCOG uses annual crash data to analyze which crossroads see the most traffic accidents and why.

The West Maple-Orchard Lake intersection, ranks No. 5 in Oakland County and No. 10 in Southeastern Michigan, while ranking first in Oakland County for another report analyzing dangerous road segments.

The segment of Orchard Lake Road between Northwestern Highway and West Maple, just short of one mile, ranks as the most-traffic-prone in the county and third-most in the region. The segment had 120 accidents in 2011 alone, although 81 percent of them were not reported as severe to the point of causing injury. 

Other dangerous intersections included Haggerty Road at Pontiac Trail (ninth in Oakland County), West 14 Mile at Orchard Lake (12th), and Haggerty at West Maple (24th).

See the stats for yourself:


High-frequency crash intersections

Rank Intersection Annual Average Number of Accidents
1 West Maple at Orchard Lake 50.4 2 Haggerty at Pontiac Trail 44.6 3 West 14 Mile at Orchard Lake 40.8 4 Haggerty at West Maple 36.8 5 Orchard Lake at Walnut Lake 28.2 6 Drake at West Maple 28 7 West Maple at Middlebelt 27.8 8 West 14 Mile at Haggerty 26.2 9 Farmington at West Maple 25.2 10 West 14 Mile at Farmington 22.6

High-frequency crash segments

Rank Road From Road - To Road Annual Average Number of Accidents
1 Orchard Lake 
Northwestern-West Maple 102.4 2 Orchard Lake  West Maple-Walnut Lake  67.8 3 West Maple  Orchard Lake-Middlebelt 57.8 4 West 14 Mile Orchard Lake-Farmington 57.2 5 West Maple Farmington-Orchard Lake 49.0 6 Orchard Lake Cass Lake-Middlebelt  48 7 Orchard Lake Walnut Lake-Lone Pine 47.6 8 West Maple Haggerty-Halsted 47.4 9 Haggerty West 14 Mile-West Maple 40 10 West Maple Halsted-Drake 38


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