Slain Teen Had Failed Drug Test on Day of Shooting, Attorney Says

Jonathan Hoffman, 17, of West Bloomfield, tested positive for K2, also known as Spice, by Oakland County Medical Examiners.

Jonathan Hoffman, 17, of West Bloomfield, whose grandmother is charged in connection to his death last month, had tested positive for the drug called K2, also known as Spice, as part of his probation requirements on the day he was shot and killed, according to attorneys.

Toxicology tests done by the Oakland County Medical Examiners' Office revealed the substances' presence in Hoffman's urine, according to a report in The Detroit News.

and felony possession of a firearm in connection to the May 18 incident at her Maple Place Villas condominium. Initial blood tests did not reveal the presence of drugs in Hoffman's system.

Court records show that at 10:38 p.m. March 17, at Bonnet Hill near Aranel in a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer and ticketed for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia — a marijuana grinder – after the items were found in his vehicle.

Hoffman pleaded guilty to the marijuana charge and the paraphernalia charge was dropped. His sentence included $790 in fines and court costs, and probation for one year — including 30 hours of community service, no alcohol or drug use and random drug tests.

Sabbota claims Hoffman had tested positive for K2 on the day of the incident, leading to an argument with his grandmother.

"He was afraid he was going to jail," Sabbota said. "He tested positive and he signed an admission ... this was a situation in which his Mrs. Layne had drove him to get tested and drove him back. It started an argument."

Approximately a week prior to the traffic stop, police responded to the Laynes' condo on the 6000 block of Brookview Lane in what West Bloomfield Police Lt. Tim Diamond has referred to as a "typical parent/child verbal" confrontation.

Layne, who is held in the Oakland County Jail without bond, is scheduled for an exam next Monday before Judge Kimberly Small of 48th District Court. If convicted of the charge, Layne could face up to life in prison.

mbonita March 02, 2013 at 07:17 PM
God help Sandra Layne. The parents of her grandson are the ones who should be punished. They Dumped the troubled and dangerous boy onto her and took off to enjoy their own lives in a different state. (Arizona perhaps?) I think many of us would have reacted as Sandra Layne did. A person can stand just so much. I hope the judge and jury will have mercy on Sandra.
chris. roznowski April 13, 2013 at 01:18 AM
I agree with Bonnie and what she had to say. I do not condone what Sandra Layne did. But I do undderstand that she must have been under a lot of stress and fear caring for this troubled grand son and no one to help her. The parents dumped him on the grandmother because they didn't want to care for him. The police and school knew of the trouble the boy was. But did not do anything to help or prevent it. I too think the parents should be accountable also.


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