3 West Bloomfield Men Plead Guilty to Disorderly Conduct in Ethnic Intimidation Case

April 2011 incident ends with probation sentence for Fariss Shayota, 21, Naseem Shayota, 29, and Savio Yaldo, 21.

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — Three men who had been initially charged with ethnic intimidation and later on trial for aggravated assault were sentenced to probation Tuesday after a plea deal was reached.

Fariss Shayota, 21, Naseem Shayota, 29, and Savio Yaldo, 21 were given one year of probation by 48th District Judge Marc Barron after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, according to a report in The Oakland Press.

The three men, all from West Bloomfield, had initially been accused of racially slurring Stephen Harris, an African-American man from Farmington Hills, as part of a physical altercation in April 2011.

Harris, 25, said in an interview in the Detroit Free Press in February that police repeatedly rebuffed his attempts to seek ethnic intimidation charges.

Oakland County assistant prosecutor Jeff Hall was removed as prosecutor on the case after testifying for the defense that he had heard conflicting reports from Harris about what happened the night of the incident.

 that the three men beat him up while yelling racially-based insults before Naseem Shayota hit him in the head with a brick.

Hall testified that Harris' story had changed between the time in which Hall visited the scene and Harris took the stand.

Barron cited "ethical issues" as the cause for dismissing charges.


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