Incumbent Township Board Wins in West Bloomfield

Township Supervisor wins by less than 300 votes over Democratic Party challenger; Clerk and Treasurer both defeat challengers.

voters have spoken and through the ballot they've said: "Bring back the incumbent Board of Trustees."

, , and fended off challengers in the Democratic Party primary Tuesday by varied margins.

With all 25 precincts reporting, Economou Ureste defeated challengers Jonathan Warshay and Robert Egren with 3,614 votes, or 45.4 percent of the total. Warshay finished with 42.7 percent of the total at 3,399 votes and Egren finished with 11.67 percent of the vote.

Shaughnessy defeated challenger Neha Patel with 63.7 percent of the total, or 5,099 votes, to Patel's 36.14 percent.

Of the three offices, the treasurer's race finished with the most total votes. Weingarden finished with 56.64 percent of the total, or 4,592 votes, to incumbent Trustee Gene Farber's 43.21 percent, or 3,503 votes.

emerged from a pool of eight Democrats to challenge for a spot on the board in November with 14.21 percent of the total, or 3,722 votes.

Incumbent Trustees (17.75 percent), (15.67 percent), and (14.76 percent) were also voted in over Jeremy Kaplan (13.32 percent), Hartley Harris (8.9 percent), Gerald J. Sukenic (8.09 percent), and Al Zara (7.23 percent).

All winners could take on challengers in the November election. Results are considered unofficial until approved by the county board of canvassers.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Patch.

Louise Cantor August 08, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Insanity. The voters returned all six of the power hungry incumbents after all of the embarrassment that they have inflicted upon us. Sadly, elections have become more about friendships/relationships instead of honorable leadership. Their immature/mean spirited leadership should not have been rewarded.
Ronelle Grier August 08, 2012 at 06:46 PM
It is disheartening that so few of our voters are informed and involved, and that the majority of eligible voters (close to 80%) did not even bother to vote in this primary. The incumbent supervisor got less than half of the votes (45.4%) - the majority of voters voted against her - yet she will be our supervisor for four more years. Jonathan Warshay and I knocked on a lot of doors during this campaign, and it was amazing how many voters did not even know what a Supervisor was or who was currently in office. Some of those who had already voted absentee said they did not even remember whom they voted for; it was just a list of names to them. And West Bloomfield is one of the most affluent and educated communities in the United States! Very disheartening. All we can do now is hope for the best. Our township does not need any more lawsuits or bad publicity - we need leaders who want to make things better instead of worse.
SR August 09, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Unfortunately, if you wanted to vote Republican for the primary, you had no vote for the incumbents at all. I would have voted against each and every incumbent if I could have.
Mark Scott August 10, 2012 at 12:31 PM
SR, The results of township election stink. Trustee Brown says that he feels vindicated. How? That would mean that Ureste and Kaplan were vindicated as well. Rosenberg says that the voters like the job that the seven are doing but the voters don't like the fighting. Rosenberg has turned into a great politician. He calls lawsuits against one another casual fighting and I guess he calls Farber's challenge to Weingarden's seat a popularity contest. Rosenberg, Brown, Shaughnessy, and Farber had claimed for months that Weingarden had to go. And then there is the Clerk. Weingarden voiced concern that Shaughnessy was using her position to bombard the public with her name before the election. The clerk sent out unnecessary/useless communication from her office to keep her name in front of the voters, costing the taxpayer's thousands of dollars. It worked. This group of elected officials loathe one other. I agree SR, they all needed to go but only the Democrats got to decide their fate. Township elections should be non-partisan.


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