If It Were Up to West Bloomfield Voters, Prop. 1 Would Have Passed

The 'emergency manager law' was the only one of six statewide ballot proposals which West Bloomfield voters supported Nov. 6.

Could the Greater West Bloomfield area be considered a new election bellwether? Seventy-four percent of registered residents voted in the majority on five of six statewide ballot proposals, among other votes presaging winners.

West Bloomfield residents turned out at a total rate of 74.66 percent, including 37,866 ballots cast from 50,721 registered voters. Most of those physically went to the polls on election day: 22,251 voters visited a precinct, while 15,615 turned in absentee ballots.

Most supported proposal 1, to allow the approval of the Emergency Manager Law in Michigan.

Victories for the Democratic Party possibly establishing West Bloomfield voters as trendsetters included incumbent President Barack Obama over Gov. Mitt Romney (56-43 percentage total in West Bloomfield, respectively), incumbent U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow over Pete Hoekstra for the Senate (62-36) and incumbent U.S. Rep. Gary Peters over John Hauler for the House of Representatives 14th District (67-30).

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How did West Bloomfield vote on statewide ballot proposals?

The least-supported proposals in West Bloomfield were numbers 5 and 6, which fell by a percentage total of 72-28 and 71-29, respectively.

Yes No Proposal 1 21,721 13,536 Proposal 2 12,866 22,796 Proposal 3 13,726 21,293 Proposal 4 12,997 22,499 Proposal 5 9,978 25,325 Proposal 6 10,349 25,312
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Phil Hadley November 12, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I personnaly feel that PA 4 (Proposal 1) was actually a very good law. It clearly allowed an orderly process by which communities and school districts would have moved through a system of financial reviews and analysis. At each step, the local officials are provided the state's recommendations on the best way to fix the financial picture. Failing to do so, such as not making difficult or politically popular decisions, then moves the community or school district to the next level of review. The opponents of Prop 1 successfully confused the people and ignored the advice, resources and support the state could provide through three such analytical steps and only focused on the power of the Emergency Manager (in the extreme cases when one has to be assigned). Yes, the statute permitted significant powers, but that was only after every other option had been explored and tough decisions not made. So, assuming a community was not willing to let their local leaders fix the situation, what other options are there? Proposal 1 was a toolbox, not just a hammer, and now in the wake of Prop 1 being turned down, several local governmental units are facing insolvency. Is that better? I don't think so. I hope that the Legislature has the wisdom to try again, and I hope they can find a way to help our beleagered communities and districts. The people deserve it. But the people also deserve courageous leadership. There's a difference.
BUBBA URDAN November 12, 2012 at 05:45 PM
The communities that voted Proposal 1 down are just shooting themselves in the foot and tying up the communities that need assistance to right their ship. There already is a law on the books for municipal bankruptcies, because of this the payment stream gets longer and longer and it makes it more costly for municpalities to correct the situation they are in. With an EM (Emergency Manager) the community can do almost everything that happens in a Bankruptcy without the added red tape. I think striking down the proposal was a mistake by the voters and will make it more difficult for our struggling state.


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