Meet the Candidates: Bubba Urdan Committed to Growth

During the countdown to the Aug. 7 primary, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for local office.

The Aug. 7 primary election is drawing closer every day, but how much do you really know about the names on the ballot?

Patch is interviewing candidates running in the Aug. 7 primary, including candidates for the 39th District's seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The seat is currently filled by Rep. Lisa Brown, who will not run, instead  currently occupied by Bill Bullard Jr.

Running for the spot on the Republican ticket are Albert Clawson, of Commerce, Bubba Urdan, of West Bloomfield, Nicholas Kennedy, of Wixom, Kristine Zrinyi, of Commerce, and Klint Kesto, of Commerce.

Bubba Urdan

Age: 42

Education: Urdan is a 1988 graduate of . From there, he spent 30 credits at .

Occupation: Urdan spent six years owning and operating his own businesses and 24 years working in corporate promotions and marketing.

Residence: Urdan said he has lived in West Bloomfield for his entire life.

Other activities or endorsements: Urdan expressed pride in running a campaign without endorsements. He said he is a volunteer with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Jewish Vocational Service, the , the , the Organization for Rehabilitation through Training Michigan region, and the Detroit Parade Company.

Why are you running for Representative? 

Urdan spoke of his campaign as a preview for what he hopes to be his two-year term in office. He's well-known in West Bloomfield if only through flashy signs and graphics, but he's also managed to reach out to voters through online media — including one memorable incident which saw a former Playboy model taking a (clean) picture of herself wearing Urdan's campaign logo.

"The current hostility is unacceptable and needs to go," said Urdan, speaking of the state legislature. "I know I can make a difference with my networking and leadership skills that will enhance our state by communicating more effectively within party and across party lines."

What are new ideas you would bring to the position/district? 

Urdan said he remains focused on "creating a state where people want to come and build businesses" as well as seniors, in order for them to "retire without worrying about losing their pensions or homes."

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the state? How would you handle them? 

Urdan uses his professional background in marketing to hone skills as a networker, working to help citizens secure jobs in a difficult economy. As a legislator, he said he would support Republican ideals by working to lower corporate taxes and loosening regulations.

Urdan has helped lead a relatively clean campaign for the 39th district. He hopes to continue that ideal of playing nice by sitting down with administrators, teachers, and students to figure out the best way to solve problems in public education as opposed to attacks.

Urdan said he is also focused on issues early childhood education, crime, property values, blight, and flight from the city and suburbs.

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