Meet the Candidates: Julie Beaty

During the countdown to the Nov. 6 local election, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for the Board of Education in the West Bloomfield School District.

Julie Beaty


  • Central Michigan University Psychology BS  1986
  • Central Michigan University MBA 1989
  • Dale Carnegie Training 1989

Professional background

Over the past 20 years, I have worked as a manger overseeing businesses involved in advertising, marketing and real estate. I have an MBA and taught business, marketing and advertising at numerous colleges. As a manager, I guided a staff and successfully oversaw budgets of $125+ million dollars. I developed long-term goals for revenue, created strategic action plans and led teams to success in an atmosphere where accountability, drive and creativity thrived. I approach difficult negotiations with mutual understanding and respect. 

How long have you lived in town and where? Do you live with family?

My family chose to live in West Bloomfield over seven years ago because of the great school system and the wonderful diversity the community offered. I live here with my husband Brian (VP WB Educational Foundation), and my two children Alex (12) and Nolan (11). They happily attend Abbott Middle School.  

Affiliations or endorsements

I sit on the Board of the Lighthouse of Oakland County. I am co-founder of the WBSD Family Fun Night. I have the support of over 50 community leaders (see Jewish News 9/27/12). They support me because of my commitment to our children and the community.

Explain why you're running for the school board

I am running for the school board because I strongly believe that education is the future of America and our community. Our children need a school board member who has their best interest at heart. Our community needs a school board member who does not have a fiscal or familial connection to the school district, and will make decisions based solely on the needs of our students and community. For years I have been actively involved with the schools including: PTO President, Budget Prioritization, Strategic Vision Committee, and the Mission, Vision, and Beliefs Committee, to name a few. I have worked tirelessly to enhance our school and greater community; which is why I have the support of the local community leaders.

Through my work I have developed relationships with city council members/trustees from all the municipalities that feed into WBSD and their police chiefs. As a school board member it is my responsibility to guide our school district for the betterment of our children, and to work along side community leaders to take West Bloomfield from the 38th best place to live to the number one place to live in America.  

Could you share key points of your platform and any changes you'd like to make to accomplish your platform?

My number one priority is to provide our students an excellent education. Every student’s needs are different and we need to provide each of them with an education that best suits their individual needs. I will seek programs that provide long-term benefits, are globally relevant, and equip all our students with the knowledge they need to be successful adults.  

Managing the budget and building up our fund balance is another priority for our school district. WBSD has to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. Due to the declining student population, it is essential to have a short and long term plan for the funding of our district. We must maintain an open dialogue with legislators in order to preserve state funding, and bring control to the local level. I will make certain we are pursuing all incentives available for funding.

Enhancing our professional environment is vital in order to attract and retain the highest-quality teachers, staff, and administrators. I will actively work with the school district to attract and retain excellent educators and administrators. I will listen to the concerns of our staff and community.  

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the district? How
would you handle them? 

Our declining student population is an issue that affects the school district on multiple levels. The school board has voted to close a school. That is only the first step in addressing the issue. The school district needs to work together with the families and local community to maintain the level of excellence our community has enjoyed. The school districts decline in student population affects the districts funding, classroom make-up, and educational needs. As a school board trustee I will dedicate my time to being proactive in addressing this ever-changing situation. I will ensure that the school board actively pursues the best educational options for our students.

WBresidentsforchange October 31, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Julie please explain to the community if you are truly endorsed by the Spinal Column Newspaper. Your signs all over town say that you are. Our understanding after having spoken to the editor of the Spinal Column is that neither candidate has recieved their endorsement this year, because they are too busy with the general election How can you claim this false endorsement on yours signs. We need an explanation.
Julie Beaty November 03, 2012 at 07:38 PM
While the Spinal Column did not give endorsements at the School Board level this year, last year they did endorse West Bloomfield School Board candidates. I'm proud to say that in 2011 the Spinal Column endorsed me as their choice for the West Bloomfield School Board candidate. My signs state that the endorsement is for the year 2011.
WBresidentsforchange November 03, 2012 at 10:42 PM
This election is about 2012. It is not fair to the voters for you to advertise false endorsements period. It may even be illegal. You would not debate, you run false advertisements with false endorsements from multiple community members, And all you do is apologize..... Using false advertising on your campaign literature is not a small problem but a big issue about a person's integrity and character. This still matters in today's world, obviously not to you.
Louise Cantor November 04, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Tobin would have loved having Beaty on the school board during his tenure. He can mislead better than most elected leaders. And he sounds so sweet doing it. Two peas in a pod.


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