Planning Commission Amends Planterra's Alcoholic Beverage License

Conservatory will be allowed to continue and expand its role in hosting parties.

The  on Tuesday approved 4-2 a license for Planterra Conservatory to sell alcoholic beverages.

The approved license comes as an amendment to a site plan originally approved in January that allowed Planterra to host dance and entertainment parties including the sale of beer, wine and spirits. Planterra is located in a single-family residential district, which necessitated the commission’s approval before it could begin selling alcohol. The approved amended license now allows Planterra to profit from the sale of those beverages.

Since the original approval, Planterra has hosted about 17 such events, Planterra President Shane Pliska said Tuesday. All of them, Pliska said, are invitation only, as mandated, and amount to less than 200 participants.

Pliska said that although the company will continue to operate mainly as a greenhouse and not a dance club or the like, the approval will help Planterra, which has been in the township since 1973, transition into hosting weekly wedding parties.

“We see it as being an important part of our business in the future,” Pliska said.

The approval comes with restrictions, including no signage advertising the sale of alcohol and that all open bottles must be removed at the conclusion of the event. 

Township senior planner Sara Roediger said that 68 liquor licenses have been approved in the township and that several of them are located in residential districts. 


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