Show Me the Money: Board Candidates Report Campaign Contributions

Eleven candidates for the West Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees report having received more than $118,000 in contributions since their campaigns began.

UPDATE: Aug. 2, 9:50 p.m.

The story was updated to reflect Trustee Steven Kaplan's contributions. Kaplan had failed to meet the Oakland County Clerk's deadline of July 27 to file pre-primary statements.

Someone is paying for the mailings and lawn signs of candidates running for West Bloomfield Township's local offices, but who?

Under Michigan campaign finance law that information is public record and must be filed with the Oakland County clerk's office.

A candidate's committee to elect must file annual campaign statements as well as pre- and post-election campaign statements for elections where the candidate's name appears on the ballot, including the Aug. 7 primary.

Incumbent Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste reported the most contributions with $29,588.05, while trustee candidates Al Zara and Diane Rosenfeld Swimmer reported the fewest with less than $3,325.00.

Contribution information was unavailable for trustee candidates Thomas Pustelak, Hartley Harris and Gerald J. Sukenic, as well as supervisor candidate Robert Egren. Candidates who expected to receive less than $1,000 in contributions are eligible to waive the required statement.

The following information is based on reports filed with the county clerk.

These numbers represent only those contributions made by cash or check. They do not include the personal loans some candidates report to owe.


  • Balance ending from last report filed: $1,779.13
  • Amount received during reporting period: $29,588.05
  • Subtotal: $31,367.18
  • Spent: $28,982.18
  • Remaining: $2,385.00
  • $250+ Contributors: Susan Ureste, teacher, Redford Union Public High School; Michele Nagle, homemaker; Kerry Nagle, owner, Kerry Steel, Inc.; Sharon Medwid, owner, Three M Tool; Rodney Gappy, owner, First Choice Merchant Solutions; Joseph Ciolono, owner, Belfor; Sheldon Yellen, owner, Belfor; Zaid Elia, attorney, self-employed; Fadi Hakim; John Denha, owner, Huron Food Market; Operating Engineers Local 342; Manhal Hwier, investor, self-employed; Rudolph Ureste, co-owner, Global Parts and Maintenance; Edna Ureste, co-owner, Global Parts and Maintenance; Melvin Kajy, owner, 7 Mile Express, Inc.; Ammar Alkhafaji, student; Chris Jarboa, attorney, self-employed; Samantha Bacall, homemaker; Chaldean Chamber PAC; Masoud Yono, President, M&T Management; Mukhles Karmo, President, Pacific Group; Ikbal Karmo, homemaker; Romi Mezy, attorney, self-employed; Joe Barbat, President, Wireless Toys; Nora Barbat, homemaker; Steven Kaplan, attorney, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office; Nivian Denha, homemaker; self

  • Total Contributions: $23,031.43
  • Spent: $16,659.73
  • Remaining: $6,371.70
  • $250+ Contributors: self; Nathaniel Warshay, grant/development, Henry Ford Hospital; Margo Rosenthal, attorney, Liberty Title; Claudia Drillich, stylist, Salon Spargo; Louise Patton, Criminal Division Supervisor, 48th District Court; Ronelle Grier, writer/reporter, self-employed

Robert Egren

  • The Oakland County Clerk's Office has no record of contributions to Egren's campaign.


  • Balance ending from last report filed: $9.96
  • Amount received during reporting period: $13,670.00
  • Subtotal: $13,679.96
  • Spent: $10,740.22
  • Remaining: $2,939.74
  • $250+ Contributors: Philip Mansour, businessman; Candace Yono, student; Doraid Markus, lawyer, Fried Saperstein PC; William Hampton, attorney, Secrest Wardle; Farrah Markus, homemaker; Arthur and Diane Rader, retired; Judith and Lawrence Weisman, retired; Kevin Denha, real estate, self-employed; Jeffrey Cauley, auto dealer, Cauley Ferrari; Larry Dell, doctor, self-employed; Gary Sakwa, real estate, self-employed; Daniel Werner, insurance agent, Werner Insurance Agency; Lisa Shiffman, homemaker; self

  • Total Contributions: $4,950.00
  • Spent: $2,645.00
  • Remaining: $2,305.00
  • $250+ Contributors: Darrell Boynton, attorney, Boynton and Associates; Deepak Patel, physician, St. John Hospital; Ahmed Khan, project manager, Bank of America; Teri Weingarden, Treasurer; West Bloomfield Township; Kerry Nagle, owner, Kerry Steel, Inc.; Michele Nagle, homemaker; Lisa Vanwyk, staffing manager, Halpin Design


  • Balance ending from last report filed: $2,002.69
  • Amount received during reporting period: $15,430.00
  • Subtotal: $17,432.69
  • Spent: $14,576.87
  • Remaining: $2,855.82
  • $250+ Contributors: Penny Adelberg, retired teacher; Gerald Gordinier, attorney, self; Comerica Inc. PAC; Ameer Major, manager, Regency Manor; Michael Ringuette, consulting actuary, Towers Watson; Saad Abbo, owner, U.S. Ice Corp.; Michele Nagle, housewife; Allen Adelberg, retired finance director, Ford Motor Co.; Rodney George, partner, George Ent.; John Denha, owner, Huron Foods; Stephanie Oram, owner, Accessories by Stephanie; self

  • Total Contributions: $8,990.00
  • Spent: $5,736.45
  • Remaining: $3,253.55
  • $250+ Contributors: Timothy Downs, retired; Barbara Downs, retired Thomas Houle, manager, Dana Container; James Armllagos, merchant, self-employed; Gerald Rose, retired; Hal Rosin, real estate, Dearborn Realty; Thomas Galka, CPA, Ted Funke & Assoc.; Jacob Rosin, psychologist, Oakland County Children's Village; Frank Jackson III, attorney, self-employed; Marc Barron, Judge, 48th District Court; Jeffery Farber, owner, Auburn Pharmacy; Guy Barron, real estate, self-employed; Roger Craig, merchant, self-employed


  • Total Contributions: $4,425.00
  • Spent: $2,330.08
  • Remaining: $2,094.92
  • $250+ Contributors: self; Joel Alpert, attorney, self-employed; Wesley Berry, President/CEO, WBF Mgmt. LLC; William Hampton, attorney, Secrest Wardle

  • Balance ending from last report filed: $79.09
  • Amount received during reporting period: $6,465.00
  • Subtotal: $6,544.09
  • Spent: $4,570.54
  • Remaining: $1,973.55
  • $250+ Contributors: self; Jack Caminker, retired; Elaine Brickman, retired, Brian Dailey, attorney, Dailey Law Firm PC

  • Balance ending from last report filed: $454.19
  • Amount received during reporting period: $1,450.00
  • Subtotal: $1,904.19
  • Spent: $6,102.40
  • Remaining: $654.19
  • $250+ Contributors: Operating Engineers Local 324, Michelle Nagle, Kerry Nagle, self

  • The Oakland County Clerk's Office has no record of contributions to Harris' campaign.

  • Total Contributions: $3,325.00
  • Spent: $2,885.65
  • Remaining: $439.35
  • $250+ Contributors: Jane Shallal, President, Chaldean Ladies of Charity; Michael J. George, owner, George Ent.; Ziyad Kased, attorney, self-employed

  • The Oakland County Clerk's Office has no record of contributions to Pustelak's campaign.

  • Total Contributions: $4,650.00
  • Spent: $2,882.20
  • Remaining: $1,767.80
  • $250+ Contributors: Oliver Foster, podiatrist, self-employed; Barry Peltz, owner, Franklin Cider Mill, Michele Nagle, homemaker; Michele Economou Ureste; Supervisor, West Bloomfield Township

  • The Oakland County Clerk's Office has no record of contributions to Sukenic's campaign.

  • Total Contributions: $3,271.72
  • Spent: $2,221.72
  • Remaining: $1,050.00
  • $250+ Contributors: Floriea Giurgiu, tailor, self-employed

Under Michigan campaign finance law, if a contributor donates more than $100 total to a campaign, they must also provide their occupation and employer information. The pre-primary statements are available in PDF form on the clerk's website.

Macomb Patch local editor Jenny Whalen contributed to this report.


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