West Bloomfield Officials Cut New Deputy Treasurer's Pay

Trustees authorize an investigation into bank documents and township treasurer Teri Weingarden's travel expenses.

West Bloomfield township treasurer Teri Weingarden will respond Aug. 26 to concerns expressed by township trustees. Photo credit: Patch file photo
West Bloomfield township treasurer Teri Weingarden will respond Aug. 26 to concerns expressed by township trustees. Photo credit: Patch file photo
West Bloomfield's new deputy township treasurer Jared Maynard has had his authority and pay reduced, as township officials look into a number of issues connected with the township treasurer's office. 

Trustees on July 22 removed Maynard's authority to conduct bank transactions, even in the absence of township treasurer Teri Weingarden, who was out of town the day of the meeting. 

Officials felt Maynard had not been thoroughly vetted before he was hired to handle the millions of dollars in the township's budget. 

"I'm not prepared to authorize Mr. Maynard until we have a clean background check," trustee Lawrence Brown said. 

Maynard, who last worked in the same position for Harrison Township, was hired in at a salary of more than $70,000. He told officials that "by law, through my appointment, I have the ability to act in the absence, sickness, death or other disability of the treasurer ... I understand your concern, but I do have the appropriate background to be doing this particular job." 

Trustees also requested a legal opinion about whether proper paperwork was filed with Comerica Bank authorizing the treasurer and deputy treasurer to conduct banking transactions. Township supervisor Michele Economu Ureste said the bank required a separate authorization every time a new deputy treasurer was hired, which was not done. 

"We never did pass board resolutions," she said. "I don't know how many people are authorized to make withdrawals from Comerica."

According to a summary of a July 23 special meeting, Weingarden has also been asked to provide more information about trips she made on Dec. 2-4, 2012 to California, and July 22-24, 2013, to Rhode Island. Both trips were connected with events held by the Opal Financial Group. 

Also at that meeting, officials voted to set the deputy treasurer's salary at $40,000, a more than 40 percent reduction for Maynard. 

In an interview with The Oakland Press published Aug. 3, Weingarden stood behind her deputy, saying Maynard has "already made process improvements that have saved us time and money.” She told the newspaper she would respond to trustees' concerns at their Aug. 26 meeting. 
JAR August 06, 2013 at 09:45 AM
I am appalled at the allegations of the W. Bloomfield Township against Mrs. Weingarden. She is honest and full of integrity. Attending business conferences is essential for professionals to stay current on changes in their field. Mrs. Weingarden’s expertise has SAVED the township a great deal of money. The West Bloomfield Township is lucky to have her as their Treasurer. Those who have started this witch hunt should be looking at THEIR own motives and behavior. This looks as though other township officials are trying to divert attention away from their inappropriate actions by using Mrs. Weingarden as their scapegoat. Shame on you!
Bob December 13, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Jar - put down the pipe. Teri W has COST the township thousands of dollars (mistakes, training) and still has no clue on finance. Why 5 Dep Treasurer's? Why is everyone leaving her department? You know why...cause she does nothing and her employees were doing her work and they were stressed out. Don't believe me.....pull the in/out records of the building to see how much time Teri spent at work. Or ask her simple questions about the township finances....is everyone else wrong and she is right or maybe, just maybe....she is to blame.


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