What's on the Township Board Meeting Agenda?

The West Bloomfield Township Board will meet at 6:45 p.m. in Town Hall Wednesday.

Board to consider millage increase

The West Bloomfield Township Board is expected to consider a resolution to place a millage renewal and increase on the Aug. 7 primary ballot.

The general operating millage rate for the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission, currently set at 0.2435 per $1,000 of taxable value on taxable property in the township and due to expire this year, would continue for 10 years if approved by voters in August, while an increase of 0.35 per $1,000 would be set for 12 years beginning in 2014. 

It is estimated the combined proposals, if approved by voters, would authorize the township to collect just under $1.85 million in the first year of the increase.

Drive-thru restaurant re-considered

Plans to build a drive-thru coffee shop at the current location of a BP gas station and Larco's restaurant at the northwest corner of Maple and Orchard Lake Roads hit a severe snag, according to developer Doraid Markus, and the board is expected to consider different ways to go around it.

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After debating concerns regarding the best way to deal with stormwater detention and present contamination in the soil underground last year, Markus wrote in a May 15 letter that the cost of cleanup is now expected to cost triple what was expected. 

"Unfortunately, our lender has a major hesitation about funding this project based on these unexpected circumstances," Markus wrote.

A new plan presented by Markus includes a variance on the stormwater detention plan, he continued.

Agenda items include

New business

Unfinished business

The complete agenda is available at the township's website and attached to this Article (PDF).


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