5 Quick Steps Parents Can Take to Improve School Safety

Officials with the Bloomfield Hills Schools and local law enforcement reiterate these points to help emergency plans following the Newtown tragedy.


In a letter distributed to parents Tuesday, Bloomfield Hills Schools Superintendent Rob Glass said parents play a large role in the district's  emergency safety plan. He also said that after a thorough review with local law enforcement — prompted by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school — he though it was important to issue these simple, yet important reminders to help keep each building secure and children safe.

Visitor Protocol

When visiting, remember to press the doorbell to be buzzed in and proceed immediately to the main office for sign-in. Then be sure to wear your guest ID tag at all times.  Our staff may know you by first name, but police and first responders need help in identifying you as a visitor rather than someone who may be a threat to the building.

No Stragglers

Refrain from holding the door for someone behind you, wishing to gain entry to the building. They need to go through the process of being buzzed in, so the office staff has an opportunity to personally identify them and approve their entry.

Drop-off Drive-by Discouraged

Dropping off a late student? You must please walk them to the entry of the building and ensure they are safely inside before driving away.

Get Connected

Ensure your contact information is updated with your child’s building. This will enable you to receive an automated emergency telephone call, email, and text message (if a text-enabled phone number is provided). Please be aware that the same system use for snow closings will also be used in a daytime emergency situation, so anyone opting out of that program will not receive the emergency message. Also follow the district's website and Facebook page for frequent updates.

Eyes and Ears

Most importantly, any suspicious or odd behavior by anyone (students, parents, staff, visitors) should be reported immediately.


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