Annual Audit is Good News for West Bloomfield Schools

District increases revenue over past school year while saving more than budgeted.

The message from public accounting firm Plante & Moran was positive as representatives presented on the West Bloomfield School District's financial statement for the last school year. 

The district brought in a total of $67.3 million in revenue and spent $65.9 million in the past school year. In total, the district brought in a sum slightly greater than than was budgeted, but spent much less than expected.

Overall, the district finished the year ending June 30 with a general fund balance of $1.8 million — $1.3 million more than budgeted.

Of the revenue brought into the district, 81 percent came from per-pupil state foundation allowance money. That amount is a wide first place to other revenue from the state (8.6 percent). However, Plante & Moran explained that the district is forecast to lose over 190 students this school year as compared to last.

Board of Education President Bruce Tobin explained difficulties from the general fund being as reliant on state foundation allowance money as it is.

"We're operating with $40 less per student than we were 10 years ago," Tobin said. "We're operating with fewer dollars coming in and more expenditures going out. We've managed to right the ship that was sinking when we were in deficit two years ago." 

General fund statement

Budget Actual Over (Under) budget Revenue $67,061,830 $67,251003 $189,173 Expenditures $67,194,238 $65,989,864 ($1,204,374) Excess of revenue over expenditures ($132,408) $1,261,139 $1,393,547 Fund balance - Jul. 1, 2011 $551,562 $551,562 - Fund balance - Jun. 30, 2012 $419,154 $1,812,701 $1,393,547

In terms of spending, 79.2 percent of the district's expenditures was toward instruction. Other expenditures include:

Type of Expenditure Percentage of Total Expenditures Instruction 79.2% Operations/maintenance/business services/transportation 16.1% General administration 1.0% Central staff salaries 2.2% Athletics 1.5%

Plante & Moran noted that the overall reduction in expenditures was brought about by district-wide cost containment and collective bargaining agreement settlements, reduced energy consumption, and reduction in Michigan Tax Tribunal settlements.

The district voted Monday to close Ealy Elementary School in fall 2013, a move which is expected to save $685,200 in annual operating expenses.


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