Bridge Magazine Ranks West Bloomfield Schools in Top 25 Percent in State

In a ranking of how well students perform on standardized tests adjusted for family income, West Bloomfield ranks 140th out of 560 public and charter schools across Michigan.

A report by Bridge Magazine last week shows the West Bloomfield School District ranked in the top 25 percent of the state's public and charter schools.

West Bloomfield was ranked 140th out of 560 school districts statewide based on students' test scores from 2011-12 adjusted for family income, showing not just where students are achieving, but where they're overachieving.

In total, the top 52 schools on the list were named Academic State Champions for the 2011-12 school year.

According to the analysis, a Value-Added Matrix (VAM) score of 100 indicates that students are achieving at expected levels based on their income level. The higher a school's score, the better their students are performing on standarized tests.

West Bloomfield came in with a final score of 104.08, with the VAM scores highest for those students in the 4th grade (108.35).

The top school on Bridge Magazine's list was the Star International Academy, a charter school in Dearborn Heights. Coming in at No. 10, meanwhile, were our neighbors to the east, the Bloomfield Hills School District, with a VAM score of 112.91.

To view the complete list, visit the Bridge Magazine website. Meanwhile, neighboring school districts received the following scores:

School District Rank VAM Score Bloomfield Hills 10 112.91 Troy 36 109.40 Rochester Community Schools 52 108.42 Birmingham 100 105.45
Walled Lake Con 117 104.84 Farmington 220 101.63 Royal Oak 236 101.28 Waterford 396 96.89 Pontiac Academy 485 93.19


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