Farmington Schools Parents, Students Pan No Snow Day Decision

Social media buzzes with complaints over the district's decision to hold classes Thursday.

Farmington Public Schools' decision to remain in session Thursday proved unpopular with many parents and students. Photo credit: Joni Hubred-Golden
Farmington Public Schools' decision to remain in session Thursday proved unpopular with many parents and students. Photo credit: Joni Hubred-Golden
A decision to keep Farmington Public Schools open Thursday, despite heavy overnight snowfall, has not been popular with some parents and students. 

In Oakland County, West Bloomfield, Lake Orion, Royal Oak, Berkley and Ferndale school districts decided to remain closed on what would have been students' first day back after winter break. 

In a written statement, spokesperson Diane Bauman said a number of factors went into the district's decision to close schools. The Transportation Supervisor drove the roads early in the morning to be sure that they were safe to drive and that busses would be able to maneuver. 

In addition, she said, the district monitors snow accumulation, and the school lots are cleared of snow and will be plowed and salted throughout the day. 

Students took to Twitter early Monday morning to complain, including some posts laced with profanity. Rumors flew around social media; students reported hearing the day would not count because too many students were absent. The district clarified that was untrue, and instruction was going on as usual. 

One post on the District's Facebook page had drawn nearly 300 comments by noon, most from parents angry over the decision to remain open. When asked, the majority of Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch Facebook fans said despite the district's assurances, Thursday should have been a snow day:

Suzi Miller Makowski: Yes, FPS should have been closed. The neighborhoods weren't plowed at all, and neither were the school parking lots, contrary to what the FPS Facebook page claimed. Even the main roads are dicey. A dangerous situation for our students and teachers this morning.

Bridget Coleman: Shocking they aren't closed, especially when city declared snow emergency!

Sue Anderson-Littles: Yes, should have closed! Our complex was not plowed, and once we got to the main rds, they were terrible and slippery. Should have called snow day before bedtime last night.

Kelly Arold-Hansen: Just got off the phone with Longacre and they said the sidewalks are not shoveled! It is still snowing, Farmington is under a winter advisory and declared a snow emergency. Nice!

Eunice Myles Jeffries: Yes, today should have been a snow day and this is from a Mom of 3 that hasn't had a moment to myself since the break started. They were very good sports this morning though, it builds character and work ethic. Today will be an experience their children (my future grandchildren) will have to hear about forever I'm afraid.

Miranda Falcon Webster: Yes it should have. Maybe half the students are at FHS according to my daughter. I heard the East lot and Middlebelt were especially treacherous. I sent my kids to school today because I think if the teachers had to go in to teach, my kids should be there prepared to learn but this was very unwise and unnecessarily put many people at risk and alienated nearly everyone for no good reason.

Debbie Sasin Johnson: My daughter just told me they announced at HHS that the day will not count because there are not enough kids there and she only has 2 teachers there!! This is one of the poorest decisions the district has made!! Interesting that the District's Vision Statement says "...provides a safe, caring..." and the Goal #1 is that each member of FPS will feel physically, emotionally, and academically safe. I THINK NOT!!!'

Megan Early: There should have been no school. Power's driveway and Gill's where horrible. Still snow covered and icy. I almost slid driving my son to school.


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