School Board Honors Farmington Schools PTA Reflections Contest Winners

More than 60 students receive certificates and medals for local, state and national honors in the creative arts competition.

Farmington Schools officials met at North Farmington High Tuesday to make room for more than 60 students honored at the local, state and national levels in this year's PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Reflections competition.

More than 300 students submitted 358 works of art, including choreography, film/video productions, literature, musical compositions, photography and visual arts, with the theme, "Diversity means...". 

Annika Andersson, an student, received a National Award of Merit, and a State Award of Excellence for her musical competition, titled, "Passion and Peace". student Drew B. Washburn's choreographed dance "Black or White" received a state Award of Excellence and competed at the national level. 

Other state award winners included:

Dance choreography

Madelyn G. Harrigan, Longacre Elementary, Award of Merit - "Diversity"

Anvita Suneja, , Award of Excellence - "Diversity: A Cultural Fusion of Dance"

Film/Video production

Brennan J. Hulett, , Award of Merit - "Different"

Natalya R. Weiss, , Award of Excellence - "Diversity Rap"

Alysa K. Saperstein, Lanigan Elementary, Award of Merit - "Alysa's Song"

Joshua R. Schreiber, Forest Elementary, Award of Excellence - "It Doesn't Matter, You Can Become a Donor"

Sophia A. Jozwiak, Dunckel Middle School, Award of Merit - "Different People, Same Question"

Alec M. Cohen, , Award of Merit - "It Only Takes One"

Kara A. Mullison, , Award of Excellence - "Beauty is Personal"


Natalya R. Weiss, Forest Elementary, Award of Merit - "Diversity Rap"

Druva R. Krishnaswami, , Award of Merit - "Diversity Means Variety"

Kavina Sheth, Forest Elementary, Award of Merit - "Nature's Diversity"

Musical composition

Brian M. Lee, , Award of Excellence - "My Theme and Variations"

Julia O. Luterman, Warner Upper Elementary, Award of Excellence - "One"


Rani Dhiman, Highmeadow Common Campus, Award of Merit - "Healthy Snacks"

Allison Thomson, Longacre Elementary, Award of Excellence - "Hands Big and Small"

Sophia A. Jozwiak, Dunckel Middle School, Award of Merit - "Walking in Someone Else's Shoes"

Katherine E. Rogers, Farmington High School, Award of Excellence - "Celebrating One Another"

Kara Mullison, Farmington High, Award of Merit - "You Don't Have To Be Alone"

Visual Arts

Krisha Ramani, , Award of Excellence - "Diversity Means Celebrating Life"

Amelia H. Whitener, Forest Elementary, Award of Merit - "Diversitree"

Serena D. Musallam, East Middle School, Award of Merit - "Diversity is the World"


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