Need to Know: When Does School Start in West Bloomfield?

Want to schedule a kid's dentist appointment or plan a family vacation around spring break next year? Get out your calendar because we have the (proposed) dates you've been looking for.

Starting Sept. 4, school is back in session for the students in the  Although the schedule posted online this week is considered tentative and subject to change, it's never too early to begin planning. Here are the dates you need to know for the 2012-13 school year.


  • Sept. 4: First day of school for students (full day)
  • Sept. 12: Late start
  • Sept. 27: No school (no work for teachers)
  • Sept. 19: Late start
  • Sept. 26: No school (no work for teachers)


  • Oct. 17: High school only — Freshmen, sophomore, and junior testing in the morning. Student dismissal at 11:35 a.m. Professional development in the afternoon.
  • Oct. 24: Late start


  • Nov. 6: Election Day (no school, no work for teachers)
  • Nov. 7: Late start
  • Nov. 14: Late start
  • Nov. 21-23: Thanksgiving break
  • Nov. 26-27: Elementary school only — Parent/teacher conferences in the evening.
  • Nov. 28-29: Middle/high school only — Parent/teacher conferences in the evening.


  • Dec. 12: Late start
  • Dec. 24-Jan. 2: Winter break


  • Jan. 9: Late start
  • Jan. 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school, no work for teachers)
  • Jan. 25: Records day (attendance optional for teachers)
  • Jan. 30: Late start


  • Feb. 21-22: Mid-winter break
  • Feb. 27: Late start
  • Feb. 29: Late start


  • March 5: High school juniors and seniors MME testing — no school for all others
  • March 13: Late start
  • March 29-April 5: Spring break


  • April 10: Late start
  • April 24: Late start


  • May 15: Late start
  • May 27: Memorial Day recess


  • June 12: Last day for students (A.M. attendance only)
  • June 13: Inclement weather make-up date (if necessary)


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