West Bloomfield Football Player Could Face Assault Charge

Stoney Creek assistant football coach fine after being punched at the conclusion of game Friday night.

Recently updated: 5:25 p.m. with additional information from the West Bloomfield School District

A Stoney Creek High School assistant football coach who was punched unconscious on the field after the varsity team's rout over West Bloomfield Friday night is doing fine, a Rochester Community Schools spokesperson says.

Meanwhile, the 16-year-old West Bloomfield football player who police say was responsible for the altercation has been released to his parents pending assault and battery charges in Oakland County Probate Court.

According to a statement released by the West Bloomfield School District signed by Superintendent Gerald Hill, the student was suspended in accordance with consequences of violating district policy.

"This incident involved the actions of one student only and not the team. The remainder of the West Bloomfield Lakers football team behaved appropriately," according to the statement.

West Bloomfield athletic director Pat Watson offered no comment to any additional discipline for the student.

According to Capt. Michael Johnson, commander of the Rochester Hills substation for the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, the student approached Cougars freshman football head coach "Buzz" Zube, 66, with six seconds left in the game, at about 9:50 p.m., after a verbal disagreement between the two coaching staffs on the field. The punch knocked Zube unconscious; he was fine after being tended to by team trainers Friday night, according to a Rochester Community Schools spokesperson.

"Buzz" Zube is the father of varsity head coach Brad Zube and was helping to coach the varsity Cougars during the 50-28 Homecoming night win over its Oakland Activities Association Red division rivals.

According to a report on MI Prep Zone, with six seconds on the clock, Brad Zube ordered his team off the field without going through the post-game handshake line, the news report stated.

West Bloomfield players and coaches then walked across the field to approach the Cougars; that's when the assault occured, according to the police report.

The West Bloomfield School District's spokesperson Pam Zajac said that crossing the field and coming into contact with the coaching staff was necessary in order for the team to leave.

"The Stoney Creek stadium is designed so that the only way for the opposing team to exit the field is to cross the field and exit up through the student section," Zajac said. "Crossing the field and coming into contact with their coaching staff only occurred because the team was attempting to exit the field."

Johnson said that the student was arrested on the field by two school liaison officers after "attempting to blend in with his teammates" and being pointed out by witnesses. The student's parents were with him at the Rochester Police Department when he was arrested, Johnson added.

Rochester Schools released a statement explaining that an internal investigation is under way and that the school district is working with West Bloomfield administrators to find out what happened.

"If any Stoney Creek High School players or coaches are found to be at fault, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken," said the statement from the district's community relations manager, Debbi Hartman.

The loss drops West Bloomfield's overall record to 1-6 while Stoney Creek is 4-3.

Michelle Williams October 09, 2012 at 12:36 PM
There is absolutely nothing that coach(66yrs old) could have done, to make that young man knock him unconscious. That young man has no respect for adults period. He probably have hit is own parents, that's why it was so easy for him to hit a 66yrs old man. I'm appalled that rochester hills school district would even consider making a statement "if their football team did something disciplinary actions would take place". Hello rochester hills school district. Your 66 yrs old employee was knocked unconscious. Do you care about the 66yr old man. This just shows the lack of respect these children have for their elders. This was the head coach of stoney creek high school father. I didn't hear that he beat the boy up, it called discipline. Something they don't recognize at west bloomfield high school football team. What the hell is wrong with rochester hills? You should be appalled with west bloomfield school high school. What type of teaching are they doing over there at west bloomfield high. They can't control their players. The coaching staff at west bloomfield have no control of their players. What other terrible things have their players done and they are covering it up at west bloomfield high. If rochester hills school district want to investigate something. Help west bloomfield school district investigate the in appropriateness of the west bloomfield coaches and players. It obvious that something is going on at west bloomfield high school. IJS.
Robb October 09, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Jail time for the boy. Natural consequences.
sarah williams October 09, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Excuse you, the actions of one player do not represent all of west bloomfield high school. They are taught and disciplined better than that. Do not make assumptions because one student made a bad decisions.
Goetz October 11, 2012 at 07:07 PM
I am a West Bloomfield football players mother , Do not make assumptions and maybe you folks at Stoney Creek should take a bigger look at the picture!A player made a terrible choice ! This is not the whole team ! My son has played on this team for 4 years now and never have had a problem ! I have been told that Stoney Creek had problems with the soccor team that had 2 brawls and which police were called in ! Why may I ask was this not ever talked about ? I take offense to people saying we have a problem , were you in the stands that night where the fans from Stoney Creek came to sit on West Bloomfield side and not only harrased the team but the adults in the stands as well! Parenting,respect for adults.Did the people hear the racists comments coming from the fans and players?I THINK NOT After the game ended West Bloomfield team lined up to shake hands and Stoney Creek team walked off the field ! There are 2 sides to every story ! Stoney Creek do not toss stones you need to evaluate what is going on in your schools ! Proud Football mom in West Bloomfield !!!
Diane White October 24, 2012 at 12:30 PM
I can't believe you parents are trying to justify the actions of a 16 yrs old boy knocking a 67 year old man unconcious. I don't care what happen in the stands. There is never an excuse for someone to put there hands on another. If this is what your teaching your children get the bail money ready.


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