Best of Blogs: School Reform and Term Limits

Here's another look at what some of our Local Voices had to say this week.

Ken Jackson

Seriousness of school reform issue calls for serious people and a discussion about term limits

Michigan School Reform needs to be discussed and debated by serious, experienced elected officials, not just The Mackinac Center and others with limited perspectives.

Alexis Shull

Happy New Year!

The New Year is a great time to evaluate previous goals, and set new ones. Why not include animal rescue as one of them?

Meredith McCutcheon

You've booked your Disney trip, and now you're looking for ways to stretch your vacation budget before you leave home. I've got some tips!


BBB Scam Alert: Watch Out for Malware Disguised as Sudoku Generator

A scam that promises unlimited Sudoku puzzles is extra tempting this time of year as you slowly start to get back into your work groove.

Kenneth E. Reynolds

Buddy of Lambertville, MI will be interred at the Michigan War Dog Memorial in Lyon Township...


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