Farmington Hills City Clerk Clarifies Bullard Letter

Pam Smith says she did not intend that her personal support represent an endorsement connected with her official position.

This letter was received by Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch local editor Joni Hubred-Golden.

In response to a recent article in this paper regarding my endorsement for County Clerk Bullard, Jr., I feel the need to clarify this issue. 

As City Clerk for the City of Farmington Hills, I have always represented a neutral position and have never used my position or my title to endorse a candidate, party or ballot issue. It certainly was not my intention for any acknowledgement of personal support to be representative of an endorsement by me as City Clerk for the City of Farmington Hills. 

Pamela B. Smith 
City Clerk 
City of Farmington Hills 

For questions and clarifications, please leave a comment below or contact local editor Tim Rath at tim.rath@patch.com or 248-622-7994.


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