Letter: State House Candidate is an Independent Voice

West Bloomfield man backing GOP candidate Klint Kesto in 39th House District election.

This letter was received by West Bloomfield Patch local editor Tim Rath.

This election’s race for 39th district seems like a close one; I don’t remember ever seeing so many TV ads for a state house seat. In my opinion, Klint Kesto is the right man for the job. Besides being an assistant prosecutor and community activist, he stands out because he is not an uncompromising ideologue, much of which is lacking in today’s political climate.

Though a conservative, he is challenging his party on its enactment of the pension tax and has vowed to repeal it, he favors a new bridge to Canada if it does not hook Michigan taxpayers with the bill, and he is a union attorney that can appreciate the benefits of union membership. At the same time, he maintains a conservative core. Regardless of your political views, you have to be able to respect that.

Klint Kesto is a breath of fresh air in the political landscape and we will need more leaders like him.

Paul Karmo
West Bloomfield

For questions and clarifications, please leave a comment below or contact local editor Tim Rath at tim.rath@patch.com or 248-622-7994. 


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