Letter to the Editor: Synagogue Does Not Take Sides in Eagle Debate

Congregation B'nai Moshe reconsidering policy on building rental after controversial meeting, writes president.

This letter was received by West Bloomfield Patch local editor Tim Rath.

My name is Dan Sperling and I am the current . I want to clarify an important point related to the Eagle Elementary School meeting held at our facility last .

I want to make clear that Congregation B'nai Moshe did not "host" the meeting held by the opponents to the site sale. We simply rented out our building for a community meeting (which we often do).

B'nai Moshe is a non-profit religious organization and does not "take sides" on political topics such as this. We believe in and advocate religious freedom for all faiths. This is very important to us and is a core part of our values.

As a result of the debate surrounding this meeting, we are currently re-evaluating our policy on building rentals. We are considering the adoption of a policy that prohibits the renting of our building to either side of bi-partisan issues. Either way, the rental of our building to any group should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that group.

If you wish to send me any comments, my email address can be found on our website.

Dan Sperling
President, B'nai Moshe

For questions and clarifications, please leave a comment below or contact local editor Tim Rath at tim.rath@patch.com or 248-622-7994.  


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