Tasty Falafel from New Mediterranean Grill

A good sandwich in a convenient location — what more could a reporter ask for?

There's something exciting to me about the prospect of new business, especially a restaurant. In the location where Dairy Queen used to be, Princess Mediterranean Grill now occupies on the east side of Orchard Lake Road just north of 14 Mile Road. The menu might not bowl over Middle Eastern cuisine connoisseurs, but for people like me, who like all sorts of different foods from a friendly host, it's just right. Hopefully it will stick around.

Princess has served its brand of falafel, tabouli, and fattoush for about one month in the same spot and shouldn't be missed. For four bucks, my sandwich came loaded with pickles (my favorite) and an intense, nutty tahini sauce which made me want to know the recipe. The bread was thick, more than making up for the fact that bread was not offered when I sat down to eat. The falafel was everything you would hope for.

In addition, the service was great and the soup was delicious. Dinner can get a bit pricey at Princess ($10-35) for a casual diner (ESPN is broadcast on the two wall-mounted televisions) but for a quick lunch in a convenient spot, Princess is a great choice.


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