Honor Guard Uses Donated Casket to Teach

West Bloomfield Fire Department Chief Jay Wiseman said the 'unique gift' will benefit funerals for firefighters and police officers in Metro Detroit.

While some props used in Fire Department training, such as CPR dummies, are generally well-known by the public, said  Chief Jay Wiseman, others which just as important typically are not.

On Wednesday, the WBFD received donation of one which he said is decidedly not — a casket, to be used by the department's Honor Guard, largely in order to train for funerals of fire and police personnel, which are often led by ceremony.

Wiseman added that the donation will be shared with other Metro Detroit area honor guards for the same purpose.

"This unique gift represents a new tool that will be made available to all local public safety honor guard groups so they too can become better prepared for the unthinkable," Wiseman said. "Whether we are drilling for emergency situations or for honoring a fallen firefighter, being prepared is what we do."

The donation comes from the Genesis Casket Company of Indianapolis, and was received at the Coats Funeral Home of Waterford.


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