PT Cruiser Kills West Bloomfield Man

A 54-year-old man was killed when the vehicle in his driveway apparently went into reverse while he unloaded groceries from the trunk, according to police.

A West Bloomfield Township man died after he was run over by his car outside his home Tuesday, according to police.

Lt. Tim Diamond said the man was apparently unloading groceries from the trunk of his Chrysler PT Cruiser in his driveway. Police believe that the car was driverless, but due to a continuing investigation, they have not made a final conclusion on whether the crash was an accident.

“Somehow, some way, the car went into reverse and gained enough momentum for this to happen. It’s a really tragic case,” said Diamond.

The driveway to the man’s home, on the 2100 block block of Timberridge, is on an incline, according to police.

Police said the man was pronounced dead at the scene and that the car is in police custody.


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