Still No Suspects in Bus Vandalism; New Law Makes Lying to Police Illegal

The following information was provided by the West Bloomfield Township Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Police highlights for April 17-24 in the West Bloomfield area include the following:

Police still investigating bus vandalism incidents

Orchard Lake Police are still working to answer the question of who has been damaging buses at the West Bloomfield Schools transportation building at 3340 Orchard Lake Rd., just north of , as recently as last week.

Detective Darrell Betts said Tuesday that the interview process for any possible suspects for those actions that forced and has yet to begin. Police have been working with district officials who found surveillance tape of the incidents on both occasions.

Eighteen buses were damaged out of the 58 the district currently operates in both incidents.

West Bloomfield Police 'happy' with new law against lying

Lt. Mike Turner of the commented Tuesday on a new state law signed April 18 that makes lying to police a felony offense.

"That’s a great start for law enforcement, investigation-wise, because it’ll be something we can show (suspects) — that if they’re not going to come forward, this is a pretty serious charge. We’re happy with it," he said.

"I wish it covered everything, like narcotics violations, but this is a good foot in the door in application of speaking with suspects."

Based on the severity of the crime being investigated, including misdemeanors and felonies, violators could face penalties of up to two years in prison. The law does not prohibit a person from exercising his right to silence.

The bill was introduced last October by Rep. John Walsh (R-Livonia) and passed the state House and Senate by wide margins, including yea votes from all of West Bloomfield's representatives.

"This closes a loophole in Michigan law that allowed someone to protect a suspect in a crime by misleading police investigators," Walsh said in a news release.

Police investigate stolen purse

West Bloomfield Police are investigating a case of a stolen purse from an unlocked vehicle at the on April 17, Turner said.

According to reports, someone entered the vehicle of a 49-year-old West Bloomfield woman between 9-9:15 a.m. and took the purse from the front passenger seat without doing damage. The purse was later found, missing $350, in a neighborhood nearby, according to reports.

David Martzolff April 25, 2012 at 06:52 PM
It's sad, 2 homes were seriously destroyed between Nov. & Dec. 2011, Country Club vandalized. twice the West Bloomfield buses have been vandalized, cars are being vandalized, what's happening to our community? It's ALL being done by the same gang. The police NEED to focus on these very serious crimes. They are younger, not intelligent, mentally troubled illiterates. I hope that no one else has to go through what the two families have gone through losing their homes, having ALL personal belongings and valuables destroyed. All the pain, headaches, and stress that these criminals have caused has been nothing but a domino effect. It's harmed more than just the homes. Life in prison is what they deserve. Vandalism is the wrong word for the two homes. Total destruction. Rape of someone's private property. Let me catch them. Give me the keys to the investigation, I'll catch these morons before they kill someone. Wake up West Bloomfield before it happens to you.
Amber Marsden April 28, 2012 at 10:40 AM
So, does this mean that omitting information upon being questioned is also considered "lying" just as our grandparents would have believed? I can see this opening up a huge debate about police rights vs. right to remain silent. I think the police have too much legal leeway as it is - I mean, honestly, I had a police officer in Bloomfield Hills follow me home, stop me in my own driveway, and ask me "where I had just come from and why I was here." I asked him for what reason he felt justified in questioning me, and he said, because my car looked out of place. Really?? Get a life. Half the time, these idiots cannot even catch the criminals out on the street. Perhaps it's because they are out there harassing honest citizens!
Simon October 19, 2012 at 02:55 AM
With the new lying law in place, perhaps it could deter people from committing fraud and lying their way out of jail. It has to be a strict law for there to be an effect on the psyche of criminals.


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