Ask the Candidates: Submit Your Question on West Bloomfield Patch

Have a question you want your local government candidates to answer? Tell us in the comments.

On Aug. 7, a total of 22 candidates will be pushing for spots in West Bloomfield  and other elected positions. Every incumbent on the township board again seeks a spot on the board, including all three full-time elected officials. Each position is a four-year term.

As West Bloomfield Patch prepares to interview each candidate, I want to know what questions I should ask. If there is a question you want the candidates to answer, leave it in the comments section below. The questions with the most interest by readers will be asked when West Bloomfield Patch does its candidate Q&As.

In addition, two millage proposals will be on the ballot to benefit the . 

The general operating millage rate for the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission, currently set at 0.2435 per $1,000 of taxable value on taxable property in the township and due to expire this year, would continue for 10 years if approved by voters in August, while an increase of 0.35 per $1,000 would be set for 12 years beginning in 2014.

Please submit your questions and concerns about the millage proposals. How can we make it easier to understand?

The following residents are running for office in the Aug. 7 primary:


  • Michele Economou Ureste (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Jonathan Warshay (Democrat)
  • Robert Egren (Democrat)


  • Cathy Shaughnessy (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Neha Patel (Democrat)


  • Teri Adelberg Weingarden (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Gene Farber (Democrat)

Board Trustee (not more than four)

  • Larry Brown (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Steven Kaplan (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Howard Rosenberg (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Tom Pustelak (Republican)
  • Hartley Harris (Democrat)
  • Jeremy Kaplan (Democrat)
  • Gerald J. Sukenic (Democrat)
  • Diane Rosenfeld Swimmer (Democrat)
  • Al Zara (Democrat)

Parks and Recreation Commission (not more than seven)

  • Carol Hack (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Mervin Aronoff (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Margie Fiszman-Kirsch (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Marc E. Jeffries (Democrat, incumbent)
  • Sheryl L. Mitchell (Democrat)
  • Paul Karmo (Republican, write-in)

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