Meet the Candidates: E. Cassar

During the countdown to the Nov. 6 local election, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for office in Sylvan Lake.

Eucharist Cassar

Education and professional background

In 1933 our father began into Real Estate Management. I began taking part in 1969 doing maintenance in the areas of boiler work, heating, electrical, plumbing decorating, roofing, underground work, paving ect. While continuing with father and family, in 1977 I branched out into a individual venture. This expanded my daily duties to include budgeting and being fiscally responsible. After a few short years I along with other family expanded again in two additional ventures. Till this day we are still operating just as we were taught by our father.

I worked for almost 20 years in the automobile service industry my last position was as a Department Manager for a large auto dealership. I am now employed as the Warranty Department Manager for Michigan based automobile and commercial vehicle electrical supplier.

How long have you lived in town and where? Do
you live with family?

Father and Uncle first purchased a home in Sylvan Lake in 1944. In 1954 the house was moved to the far end of Garland, than splitting the lot building two homes. I purchased my first home in 1984 and continue to reside at the same address, rebuilding in 1996, and raising four children here.

Explain why you're running for the city council

For years I've attended City Council meetings and a few council study sessions. Attending these meetings I've observed topics discussed in a wide rang of areas. After doing research I would comment on topics and issues on the table making suggestions to Council.

There had been times where City Council had lacked efficient formation and elements in order to make an informed decision before voting or making their decision. If elected, I hope to be able to assist in matters where tax payers dollars are spent. I believe that being on City Council is not always an easy task, however it is City Council's job to do what is right, also represent the residents in a responsible way.

Could you share key points of your platform and any changes you'd like to make to accomplish your platform?

  • Proper installation of the seawalls, along with basic maintenance oversight
  • Assist to see that tax payer monies are used wisely
  • Assist to see that public safety concerns are attended to
  • Address residents concerns

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the city? How
would you handle them? 

Seawall repairs: For the past three plus years, I have been voicing my opinion on the sea walls. Sending John Martin pictures of flat top boulder walls along with referring qualified contractors, and discussing the sea walls with council members. It is essential that whatever products are used, that it is cost efficient as well as long lasting. Boulder walls throughout the world has outlasted most other construction. All one has to do is look at the big waters and foreign lands of how boulder walls have been in place for years.

Maintenance of parks and city structures: It is important that our parks are well maintained at all times, however as well as everything else it needs to been done in a efficient way. After much discussion with residents of our city is the public parks, making it sure that they remain private.

Public safety: Public safety has been of the upmost importance yesterday, today, and shall continue to be in the future. We need to take a close look at what has happened with our law enforcement over the years. Our police officers have a very difficult and delicate job to do, is clearly no easy task. Recently they have made significant changes in order to better represent our city. However we must be sure to continue this path and also be sure that it is the most beneficial means of protection for our residents.


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