Meet the Candidates: Jonathan Warshay

During the countdown to the Aug. 7 primary, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for office in West Bloomfield.

Jonathan Warshay


  • Juris Doctor and MBA in Finance, Wayne State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Kalamazoo College

Professional background: 


  • Attorney/Consultant overseeing quality control for State of Michigan's new foster care system
  • Adjunct Professor, Michigan Jewish Institute and Cleary University

Past Experience:

  • City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem, City of Ferndale
  • Staff Attorney, Lakeshore Legal Aid
  • Managing Principal Consultant, Oracle Corporation

Residence: Two years

Family: Engaged to long-time West Bloomfield resident, Ronelle Grier. Brother of Nathaniel Warshay of Oak Park. Son of Leon and Diana Warshay of Detroit. Father of four adult children: Alyssa, Aaron, Arielle and Jonah.

Activities or key endorsements you'd like to mention?

  • Vice President, West Bloomfield Optimist Club
  • Executive Board Member, West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club
  • Member, Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse
  • Supporter/Volunteer,
  • Former Committee Chair, Boy Scout Troop #1634

Why are you running for Supervisor?

I am running because I believe West Bloomfield taxpayers deserve a supervisor who will put people before politics, one who will provide the best level of service while remaining fiscally responsible. I am that person. I am an experienced professional who will approach issues with an open mind and bring in diverse views to reach the best decision. I want to restore the morale and productivity that has been eroded by the current divisiveness that exists within the current board.

I have a wide variety of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. I have managed people and businesses.  While a Councilman in Ferndale, I saved the taxpayers $25,000 in environmental cleanup costs when we obtained a new community center for the city. I helped foster an environment where businesses felt free to come into the city.

Residents deserve a Supervisor who takes inevitable disagreements with other Board members in stride, one who will move on and continue to take care of business. I want to provide this kind of leadership and commitment to doing what is best for the people who live and work here, without regard to personal or political agendas.

Do you have new ideas you’d like to suggest for the position or township?

Because our community has an older population, I would like to explore outside funding options to provide more services to senior citizens.

I want to create an ombudsman office at Town Hall where residents can receive answers to any question they have regarding all levels of government. I would staff this with trained interns from local schools and volunteers to keep costs at a minimum. If our staff cannot find an answer, we would direct the resident to the appropriate agency, saving the resident the time and confusion of having to make numerous phone calls.

I will create a streamlined process for businesses to obtain the necessary permits. I am interested in increasing efficiency while ensuring that all rules and regulations are observed.

I plan to increase contact and cooperation with the seven school districts and private schools in West Bloomfield, including holding regular meetings to address issues of mutual concern.

I will hold foreclosure prevention seminars to address foreclosures before they happen, in addition to the fairs held for the purpose of purchasing foreclosed properties. Our goal should be to help people keep their homes.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the township? How would you handle them?

A. Our roads have a direct effect on every resident, business owner, and visitor, and many of our roads are in need of repair. I believe that a new face representing West Bloomfield will be able to work more effectively with the Oakland County Road Commission. We need to make Orchard Lake Road more attractive and efficient for those who use it and have homes and businesses there. The Road Commission’s cooperation is needed to accomplish this, and I will use my previous municipal experience to facilitate this process.

B. The divisiveness and negativity of the current board has adversely affected morale and productivity among township employees and elected officials. I will rectify this situation by serving as an example of effective leadership, which means spending 100 percent of my time serving the needs of the residents with no personal or political agendas. I will conduct work sessions with the board to explore issues that are important to West Bloomfield. I will support the employees of the township as they do their jobs.

C. I will make it a priority to increase revenue and widen the tax base through responsible economic development that includes large and small businesses, without compromising the natural beauty of our woodlands and wetlands. I will be an ambassador for the Township, talking with business leaders, groups, and other levels of government to encourage entities to locate in West Bloomfield.

As the recent decrease in property taxes continues to face the budget at , what can be done to encourage residents and businesses to stay here? If elected, what are your top priorities to encourage economic development?

A comprehensive approach to services will demonstrate to residents and businesses that West Bloomfield is a desirable place to live.  The ideas I mentioned earlier will help accomplish this.  As for economic development, see 8C.

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