West Bloomfield Police Investigating Security Breach

Township Clerk claims that missing computer cards used to count election results will not hinder processes.

detectives are investigating the possible theft of computer cards used to count votes from at .

The missing cards, about 25 in number and resembling the size of playing cards, should not comprimise the integrity of the Aug. 7 primary, Township Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy said.

Backup cards were previously programmed and will be available to use. The security of ballots were not compromised.

Chief Michael Patton said that Shaughnessy filed a report Wednesday after the cards went missing from a secure area, overnight between July 10-11. 

"There were no signs of forced entry in the building or the immediate area in which the cards were kept," Patton said Thursday.

"We're looking at who has access to that area. What we know so far is there are a number of department heads and other officials who have had access. We'll interview those people."

According to a release issued Thursday by Shaughnessy's office, the missing cards were being pre-tested on Tuesday afternoon.

"Only sworn election workers have daily access to the area where election equipment is stored," Shaughnessy wrote. "However, other Town Hall officials have access for emergency purposes. We have already made changes restricting even that access."

MIchelle July 12, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Any one of these elected officials, including Clerk Shaughnessy, have a lot at stake in the upcoming township election and could be quilty of trying to compromise the integrity of the upcoming August primary. The clerk desparately needs this job after filing bankruptcy and foreclosure four years ago when she managed to somehow loan her campaign $16,000. She was also accused of negative campaigning. This whole election has been negative and vicious. All seven members of the township board should be ousted. Unfortunately, Weingarden or Farber will have to return and maybe Economu Ureste because the "new day" candidate, Johnathan Warshay, is more of the same. His campaign material is so negative. It is very disappointing. Does he know how to run a positive campaign if he is different from the others. Clearly not. It looks like we may have the same nonsense going on four years from now if the voters get turned off by the nasty WB politics and stay at home on August 7th. How sad!


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