Walled Lake Schools Approve Redistricting Plan B/C

Here are three key facts of the redistricting plan, which was approved by a 6-1 vote Thursday.

In response to the planned closure of Twin Beach and Maple elementaries as announced in August, the Walled Lake Consolidated School Board voted Thursday to approve redistricting plan "B/C."

The vote, which falls in line with Superintendent Kenneth Gutman's recommendation Feb. 2, was approved with a 6-1 vote in front of a crowd which filled the seats at the Walled Lake Educational Services Center.

Two public comments were made against the plan, which will alter feeder patterns, bus routes, and move students from three other schools in addition to those at the closing schools.

Board Secretary Denise Bither said that she opposed the plan as it altered the feeder pattern for Glengary Elementary School students to go to Walnut Creek Middle School and Northern High School. Currently, most students at Walnut Creek end up at Central High School. 

Three key facts regarding plan "B/C" include:

  • Current transfers and school of choice students will be allowed to remain at the school they are at right now. The only school of choice students that were moved from their chosen school were Twin Beach and Maple students due to building closures. The district altered its internal choice policy to not accept elementary choice students, with the exception of siblings of current students, for the upcoming school year. 
  • 229 students will be moved from three schools: Commerce, Guest, and Oakley Park elementaries. These numbers don't include the number of Twin Beach and Maple students moved. By comparison, Plan A had moved 235 students and Plan D had moved 254 students. 
  • Schools will be filled to 80.8 percent capacity. The average class size for all elementaries between grades K-5 under plan "B/C" is 25.


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